Alcatrazz Releases First NEW Music In 30 Years – Born Innocent

If you’re under the age of 40, there’s a chance you may never have heard of one of the greatest Rock Bands in history. Alcatrazz hasn’t produced any new music in the last 30 years. However, at long last, Graham Bonnet, Jimmy Waldo, Joe Stump, Mark Benquechea, and Gary Shea have released Born Innocent.

Alcatrazz in an English-American band with an incredibly rich history. The first guitarists in their band were Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai for crying out loud! If that right there doesn’t get your attention you’ve got a screw lose. But, then you throw in the legendary Graham Bonnet. He’s got a voice that’s been heard with the iconic bands Rainbow and Michael Schenker Group.

Gary Shea shares his Amazing Stories with Scotty J

All things with time must change. Alcatrazz now features “The Shredlord” Joe Stump on guitar, as guitar legends Vai and Malmsteen went on to successful solo careers. However, Graham Bonnet, Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea still form the core as founding members of what could have been one of the greatest rock bands in history. ‘Born Innocent’ proves that these guys still got chops. Just see what Scotty J thought of it, and be sure to watch the incredible conversation with Gary Shea.

Scotty J’s errant thoughts on ‘Born Innocent’ – An Album Review

Born Innocent – It’s hard to believe these guys haven’t done anything in 30 years! Bonnet sounds great. This song sounds like it could have been in an earlier Rocky movie.

Alcatrazz – Born Innocent

Polar Bear – This truly reflects NWOBHM influence. It’s that classic heavy metal sound. Joe Stump is awesome. The drum beat is exactly what you’d hope for and expect in this genre. Again Graham Bonnet has done a great job preserving his voice.

Finn McCool – I’m feeling warped back to the early 80’s. It’s almost sad in a way that this genre of metal isn’t producing any new artists. If anything Alcatrazz proves they’ve got plenty left in the tank.

We Still Remember – I really like the guitars on this track. But something to me seemed very off about how the vocals and instrumentals were mixed? I’m no music producer, but feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Alcatrazz – London 1666

London 1666 – This is a song that really fit in Bonnet’s vocal wheelhouse. It’s tough not to wonder what might have been if Alcatrazz stayed together producing new music throughout the years. Obviously you weren’t going to have Malmsteen or Vai for the long haul. I’m confident they could have worked something out with another great guitarist. Joe Stump is certainly no slouch.

Dirty Like The City – The composition of this song seems strikingly different than any of the others. The guitars are just different. Bonnet continues to impress. This is some heavy metal greatness right here and possibly my favorite song on Born Innocent.

I am The King – This track has interesting transitions. Hearing this is bitter sweet as it features Bob Kulick who recently departed us.

Something That I Am Missing – Waldo makes his presence strongly felt on this song. It’s great to see the original 3 back together again. Bonnet continues to prove his iconic status in the rock world is untarnished.

Alcatrazz – Dirty Like The City

Paper Flags – Just when I was starting to think “Where’s Waldo”, he pops up prominently on back to back tracks. While the tracks were obviously all recorded at different times, the actual listing order indicated a progression that just continues to get better.

The Wound Is Open – This song kicks off with force and Joe Stump really is just a great guitar player. He may be known as the “shred lord”, but he’s a lot more than that. Bonnet shows he’s still got the vibrato from his younger years.

Body Beautiful – Anyone else hear Aqualung at the beginning? My grandmother has tattoos. No mine doesn’t. But I’d be curious who’s grandmothers do? If your grandmother has tattoos leave a comment and say what they are!

Wrath Lane – This was written by and features the guitar work of Italian six-string hero DARIO MOLLO. I’m sad to say I’m not familiar with his work, but he’s awesome.

Alcatrazz – Polar Bear

For Tony – I couldn’t have possibly anticipated a different end to this album. Horns certainly show the creative diversity that Alcatrazz is capable of. It would be great to get more new music out of these guys.

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