UFO 50th Anniversary ‘Last Orders’ Farewell Tour LIVE in Sellersville

UFO Tour - Photo by Rock Titan

Phil Mogg - UFO - Photos by Rock Titan

Vinnie Moore - UFO - Photos by Rock Titan

Rob De Luca - UFO - Photos by Rock Titan

Neil Carter - UFO - Photos by Rock Titan

Andy Parker - UFO - Photos by Rock Titan

Phil Mogg and Vinnie Moore - UFO - Photos by Rock Titan

UFO Live in Sellersville

Story and Interview by Scotty J
Photos by Gretchen Johnson

I’ve been to Sellersville Theater many times to see some iconic bands. But, I’ve never seen a crowd like what turned out for British Rock Legends UFO! After speaking with lead guitarist Vinnie Moore, it’s hard to say how many more performances the band will have on the 50th Anniversary Tour? One thing is clear, UFO could have easily sold out back to back nights in Sellerville, PA and they’ve got as passionate a fan base as any iconic rock band.

For this particular show, there were fans young and old. The venue had swelled like a tick ready to pop, and Phil Mogg couldn’t take the stage soon enough. As Vinnie Moore had stated (see interview below), fans could be prepared for a good 90 minutes set of UFO classics spanning 50 years.

Scotty J & Vinnie Moore tour bus interview

Like the seasoned pros UFO are, the show kicked off as scheduled with “Mother Mary”. They then immediately followed that up with “We Belong To the Night”. The crowd was vocal in their pleasure, and it was not lost on the pork pie hat wearing Phil Mogg. I do admire his taste in hats.

Between songs Phil proceeded to show off some humor. He suggested he may do a river dance, but politely declined due to stage size. Vinnie said he’d dance, but Mogg declared it wasn’t Vinnie’s forte. Moore has been shredding away with his red Dean electric guitar to this point, although I expect to see some of his other axes.

“Venus” was a particularly cool performance. Moore switched back and forth between acoustic and electric guitars without missing a beat. Neil Carter did the same between the keyboard and rhythm guitar. At end of the song fans screamed to play even louder and chants of UFO rang out.

Venus – Live in Sellersville

Once UFO started playing “Only You Can Rock Me”, the audience seemed to take their enthusiasm to another level. Vinnie is a beast on the guitar. He’s just a true guitar virtuoso. Mogg plays to the crowd as well as any great frontman and got the crowd clapping along.

After half the set had gone by it was time for Phil to lose his most stylish jacket, and Moore swapped out for his Dean brown bodied guitar. “Burn Your House Down” sounded awesome. Don’t take my word for it. See the video included in this feature.

Burn Your House Down – Live in Sellersville

The passionate fan base, packing out Sellersville Theater, sang along to “Cherry”. Considering Mogg wasn’t supposed to be feeling well, he sure sounded great working up and down his vocal range as the song demanded. Moore and De Luca crushed their respective solos quite well.

“Too Hot to Handle” of course got everyone wound up. I think I recall Vinnie saying this was one of his favorites. Despite being a bit under the weather Phil sounds amazing. Moore starts playing the guitar behind his back. Andy doesn’t even look like he’s broken a sweat yet.

With the set winding down, the selection of “Rock Bottom” has just gotten everyone fired up again. Mogg’s adrenaline has got to be pumping as he may sound his most powerful yet. Moore truly is a special presence on stage. I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do on a guitar. Carter is playing the keyboard as if he’s been with UFO his entire career. De Luca has been rockin the bass all night. Moore and Carter start jamming side by side which was pretty cool. Andy is just blasting away in the background. By far this has got to be the performance of the night! Mogg’s entourage give him a nice long breather and rock out the instrumentals for at least 5min.

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The set ends with an absolute classic! Earlier on tour, Kirk Hammett played this song on stage with Moore. Of course we’re paging the “Doctor Doctor”. Who needs backing tracks when you’re legends like these guys? Awesome live performance!

For the encore, Mogg congratulated a couple that just got engaged. UFO then breaks out with “Shoot Shoot” to which Phil said they’d then bugger off. Andy Parker never did break a sweat. The sweatless drummer! He’s got to be some sort of meta human.

Without question UFO fans got what they came for. It’s just been an awesome night of classic rock and heavy metal. Let’s all hope that these rock legends decide not to hang it up just yet.

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