The Outfit is set to launch sophomore album “Viking” March 27!

Story and Interview by Scotty J

Once in a while, certain bands pop up on my radar and really surprise me. Most recently, I had the chance to catch up Mark Nawara. When we first spoke, I knew him only as the drummer for The Outfit. Digging a little deeper, it was revealed he’s also the CEO and founder of Pavement Entertainment!

As the old adage goes “it takes one to know one”. When you’ve rocked out as long as Nawara has, it becomes easier to understand how he’s stockpiled his label with such bands as Puddle of Mudd, Candlebox, Soil, and many other great bands. All that said, The Outfit is a tremendous talent. It’s difficult to believe that “Viking” is only their second full length studio album. How does Mark feel? Check out the interview in its entirety. Please remember to Subscribe to the Rock Titan YouTube channel, and see some thoughts on “Viking” below.

The Outfit’s Mark Nawara joins Scotty J on Rock Titan Live

Come Alive is a great kickoff to this sophomore effort by The Outfit. I’m honestly surprised this band isn’t more widely known. With the start of the second song, I immediately thought I might be listening to some KISS tune I somehow missed band in the day. In this case I’m talking about Midnight Moses. Adding to that strong track, Believe really blew me away. If I didn’t know better I might have almost thought this was David Grohl singing. This is definitely a complete band with no weak link. Vocalist Andy Mitchell has definitely got some chops.

Carnival hits hard with some definite commercial appeal. Speaking with Mark, I made a joke about a pretty wild story he had. I’ve heard of guitarists playing until there fingers bled. But I didn’t know that also applied to drummers? Bleed in the Dark provides a nice change of pace on the album. What is a classic rock album without at least one slower love song?

The Outfit – Viking

Viking serves as the title track and is currently the one official music video released by The Outfit. As I told Mark, the production of the video appears to be a tremendous undertaking. If I’m in a band and I need an official music video, I’m definitely checking out the company that put “Viking” together. Hello Seattle grunge when it comes to Sirens! Once again, there’s just a number of different genres of rock represented on this album.

As I listen to Little Bit, I’m thinking that I like The Outfit more than just a little bit. I’m going to go back to what I said earlier, they’re just such a polished band I’m surprised they’re not more widely known. It’s especially surprising it’s only the second album. There’s some kind of Ozzy effect going on with Wolves. The Outfit does a fantastic job creating a sound unlike anything else heard on Viking and makes it work. I would love to hear this covered by the Ozzman himself!

It’s ironic that I am sitting here alone while listening to Sitting Here Alone. I remain a bit in awe that this band seems older yet has such a new appeal. Viking is definitely worthy of your attention. The Outfit is a band that should interest a wide array of rock and metal fans alike. Any bill they’re performing in support of is worth the price of admission just to see them.

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