Vinnie Moore releases ‘Soul Shifter’ as he heads out on last UFO USA tour

Vinnie Moore - Soul Shifter

Vinnie Moore - Photo by Gretchen Johnson

Vinnie Moore - Photo by Gretchen Johnson

Vinnie Moore – Soul Shifter (Album Teaser)

Vinnie Moore - Photo by Gretchen Johnson

Scotty J and Vinnie Moore discuss new album

Interview & “Soul Shifter” Review By Scotty J
Photos by Gretchen Johnson Photography

Vinnie Moore has been a friend of Rock Titan for a while now, and what an honor it is. Properly regarded as one of the most prolific guitar virtuosos in Rock N Roll and Heavy Metal, Moore’s career has been a successful one as both a solo artist and lead guitar for UFO since 2003. After much anticipation, Vinnie has released his 9th studio album on the 9th of October as he heads out for UFO’s final North American tour. As a follow-up to 2015’s ‘Aerial Visions‘, ‘Soul Shifter‘ is bound to more than satisfy all Moore enthusiasts.

So what does Scotty J think of “Soul Shifter” by Vinnie Moore

Funk Bone Jam – Perfect name for this song. Perfect way to start Soul Shifter. Moore shows that he’s far more than a shredder. Groovy to the bone!

Same Sun Shines – You can tell Vinnie was in the most chill of moods when he wrote this gem. I really like the combination of the acoustic guitar and electric. This song teleports you down da shore for you Jersey folk.

Kung Fu Grip – Ha Ha! Moore’s guitar is literally talking here. You can almost imagine the visuals that could go along with the audio. Fast, aggressive, and funky. Love the way this song ends!

Mystified – One thing this song will leave you feeling is mystified. Vinnie leverages the entire fret board on this beauty. I really dig the complementing piano on this work as well. John Cassidy has got chops!

Brother Carlos – I truly hope that Santana hears this and invites Vinnie out on tour with him! Could you imagine Vinnie and Carlos playing this song together? Sick! I know Vinnie is a huge Carlos Santana fan. We should all lobby to enable that collaboration to happen. This song is a great gesture of respect to an icon while showcasing Moore’s incredible virtuoso skills of his own.

Gainesville Station – Some sweet blues with a horse tranquilizer sized syringe of adrenaline. Soul Shifter has now officially proved to be some of Moore’s finest work. Some great piano playing to go along with this tune as well. That would be courtesy of Dream Theater‘s Jordan Rudess!

Soul Rider – Allman Brothers anyone? If you’re a fan you’re really gonna dig this! When UFO closes the curtain on an amazing run, Moore will have options with the southern rock band of his choosing.

Mirage – I’m tempted to know what this song would sound like if it was slowed down just a tad? Vinnie Moore enthusiasts probably want to slap me for suggesting such a thing.

Heard you were gone – I’m wondering if Vinnie was wearing a cowboy hat when he wrote this? To me, this equivalates to what could be an awesome 5min country rock solo! Giddy-up!

Across the Ages – great finishing track! Feels like a great mix previously featured on this album. You totally feel Vinnie’s strong rock career combined with some Santana influence.

Like a fine wine Vinnie Moore only gets better through the ages. Soul Shifter does exactly that which it implies. Tapping into a variety of moods and emotions, this album has been a long time coming and well worth the wait. For anyone wondering what was to come after Aerial Visions, you are going to love this album.

Scotty J’s Favorite Track? – Same Sun Shines

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Vinnie Moore - Soul Shifter

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