Michael Angelo Batio melts faces with More Machine Than Man

Michael Angelo Batio released his newest solo album “More Machine Than Man” on June 12 via Rat Pak Records. While he’s knows as the fastest guitarist alive, Batio is much more than just a shredder. The man also known by his initials MAB is true student of music. Being someone who’s passionate about music history, Michael Angelo has also done his part to pass on what he has learned.

Speaking with Batio was incredibly entertaining. I highly encourage you to watch the interview in its entirety (featured below). A wide variety of topics are covered including his invention of the quad guitar, following his fathers advice, and his meeting Dimebag Darrell, just to name a few.

More Machine Than Man is a masterpiece that proves Batio shows no signs of slowing down. When you add in the drumming of Chris Adler and bass from Victor Wooten, you’ve got some real magic. Be sure to continue scrolling and see the Rock Titan review.

MAB has Story Time with Scotty J

Scotty J’s errant thoughts on “More Machine Than Man”

Laser Guided – Shredding right out of the gate. Great soundtrack for a missile headed straight at ya!

The Badlands – I dig the heavy opening riffs. Then you just get Batio moving like lightening across the fretboard. I’m curious what band he’d be a great fit for in today’s metal landscape?

Put All Fear Aside – Chris Adler is an absolute BEAST on drums! That’s for certain. This is a wild track where Mike is laying a couple of different guitar pieces over one another. Unless he’s playing 2 guitars at once? Certainly a possibility. The softer riff reminds you of a James Bond soundtrack.

Dreamin’ of 1986 – MAB’s classic guitar playing here is just awesome. You could drift away listening to this.

More Machine Than Man – The title track is an absolute bang your head thrash piece. This is definitely one of the more hard core songs, while combining Batio’s blazing speed.

Michael Angelo Batio “The Badlands” (Official Video)

Beyond the Outer Limits – It’s evident Batio has no limits whatsoever. He’s truly a genius on guitar. There’s not a metal band on the planet where MAB’s style wouldn’t be a fit. Again, Chris Adler is doing a whale of a job.

The Two Sirens – Insert your favorite thrash vocalist into this song and you’ve got something truly special. This is possibly one of my favorite tracks of the album. The introduction of synthesizers here is an interesting effect.

AVTD – I didn’t expect to hear any vocals on this album? Audio Video Technical Digital. Victor Wooten tears it up on bass. There’s a little bongo percussion. AVTD is an interesting change of pace.

The Countdown is On – In the interview with Batio I should have asked what this was a countdown to? Great riff heavy track. If Batio didn’t break any strings shredding away here those are the strings you want.

Rhythm Reprise (I Pray The Lord) – As the title of the song may suggest, this represent a sound that deviates from anything else you’ll hear on More Machine Than Man. That said, it’s a great example of Batio’s wide ranging expression and guitar prowess.

Michael Angelo Batio “More Machine Than Man” (Official Video)

21st Century Beck – If you take out the drums and rhythm guitar, you get what I’ll call some lightening soul. There’s no slowing MAB down, but it would be interesting to hear the solo pieces slowed down.

Charlie Went To Chicago – I’d put in a laughing emoji here if I could. It’s totally “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”. It’s just MAB-ified.

No Backup Plan – More Machine Than man ends as it began. It just melts your face off. Batio said he never felt a competition with Vai, and I have no doubt that’s true. But what an epic dual it would be to see those guys square off today.

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