BPMD Debut Album Gives NEW Life to American Made Classics

The wait is finally over and BPMD‘s debut album “American Made” is NOW AVAILABLE. Bobby Blitz, Mike Portnoy, Mark Menghi, and Phil Demmel have formed an incredible super group of talent covering some home grown Rock N’ Roll classics. Comparisons with all of the originals have been provided for your listening pleasure below. I’ve also included some of my own thoughts. After speaking with Menghi (see interview below) it’s clear how excited all the guys were to work on this project. What’s also pretty cool is that BPMD is considering putting out some original material in the next year. With the way things have been and appear to be for the rest of the summer, they’ll certainly have time on their side. – Scotty J

BPMD’s Mark Menghi joins Scotty J on Rock Titan Live

Wang Dang Sweet Poontang – Ok. No one is beating the motor city madman Uncle Ted. But you gotta love Blitz’s opening on this song. It’s awesome. Nugent himself gave props to BPMD for taking this on.

Toys In The Attic – This is an ambitious cover from one of Aerosmith’s most iconic albums. But that’s the point of this right? BPMD retains the tempo of this song, but that’s where the similarities end. It’s a cool rendition though.

Evil – I really like this version of an often covered classic made popular by Cactus. But I also heard a recent version by Clutch and I LOVE those guys. I suppose you have to appreciate this for what it is. Some extremely talented musicians putting their spin on an oldie with style. It’s solid.

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers – There’s no topping ZZ Top. No one in their right mind will refute that. But BPMD definitely performs one of the better versions of this often covered classic. Van Halen has done it as has Motörhead. Who do you like best?

Saturday Night Special – This ladies and gentleman is how BPMD was born according to Menghi (see interview). Lynyrd Skynyrd are legends and one of my all time favorites. If your gonna do a cover to something like this you better slay it! BPMD handles it very well.

Phil Demmel of BPMD discusses why they chose “Tattoo Vampire”

Tattoo Vampire – A Blue Oyster Cult classic completely reimagined. Classic Rock turned Heavy Metal.

Phil Demmel of BPMD discusses why they chose “D.O.A”

D.O.A. – I’m gonna say BPMD blows Van Halen away with this one! Yeah that’s right! I said it.

Mike Portnoy of BPMD discusses why they chose “Walk Away”

Walk Away – This is a great cover by The James Gang. Blitz and company give this song the perfect shot of adrenaline.

Bobby Blitz of BPMD discusses why they chose “Never In My Life”

Never In My Life – Oh the cowbell! Whether you’re talking to Laing or Bouchard you can never have enough. The selection to cover this Mountain classic was AWESOME. You can thoroughly enjoy this version as much as the original.

We’re An American Band – BPMD took this classic from Grand Funk Railroad and just made it more hard core. Blitz’s vocals, Demmel’s guitar, Portnoy’s drums make a easily distinguishable impact. Of course this lack of keyboards is impossible not to notice.

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