Testament punches a hole in the sound barrier at Philadelphia’s famed Electric Factory with Prong and Sepultura

Chuck Billy and Testament
Chuck Billy and Testament

For many, Sunday is a day of rest. This past Sunday, there was no rest for the wicked as Testament punched a hole in the sound barrier at Philadelphia’s, famed Electric Factory!!! Starting the nights brutal festivities were two more Heavy Metal hitters, Prong and Sepultura.

Prong lead the assault with front man Tommy Victor looking and sounding as good as back in Prong’s 80’s-90’s glory days! The power trio crushed through their set giving fans hits like Unconditional and Snap Your fingers, Snap Your Neck! Soon a vortex was forming in the middle of the venues floor. Sucking in bodies and tossing them back out, the mosh pit churned with Sepultura hitting the stage. The massive beast that is Derrick Green drove his guttural voice through a blistering set. Standing like a giant at the edge of the stage, his commanding presence spun the mosh pit even larger! The crowd was now primed and ready for the nights headliner, Testament!!! As the stage was being set, the crowds cheers grew louder and louder as Testament’s 3 headed serpent backdrop was being raised. The time was now at hand! Lights strobed and flashed wildly and plumes of smoke burst from the stage as vocalist Chuck Billy lead the band on stage. As entertaining as he is to watch, people were mesmerized by the power chords and leads from guitarist Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson.

Anyone driving by the Electric Factory this night would surely have thought there was an earthquake as the building rumbled to some of the best Thrash Metal ever known!!!

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