Denmark’s MEW shares thoughts on new album release Visuals

Mew Official Music Video 85 Videos
Mew Official Music Video 85 Videos

By Scott Johnson

Denmark has had its share of gifted music exports. Aqua, Volbeat, King Diamond, and Lars Ulrich is the first Danish musician to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not to be outdone is the band almost impossible to categorize into any one genre of music. MEW! Their 7th Studio album Visuals was just released on April 21 2017. The melodic and fantastical sound from such tracks as “Carry Me To Safety” and “85 Videos” will transport you to another realm. If you’re looking for an out of body experience, then Mew is the vessel that will get you there. As young as the band is, Mew has been dominating the European music scene for decades and has taken a solid hold in the United States. With new tour dates recently released, Mew takes their unique sounds from ‘Visuals’ across the globe. In this casual and candid interview, lead singer Jonas Bjerre shares the Mew experience with Rock Titan Music Television personality Scotty J. They discuss a number of their new songs and their very passionate fan base. Prepare to get lost in melodic tranquility that can only be delivered by Denmark’s own MEW!

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