Alice Cooper brings the SHOCK after Halestorm in Bristow, VA

Alice Cooper - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Story and photos by Out With Ambler

It’s August. The venue is outdoors. It’s hot. It’s humid. There is a thunderstorm approaching. I’m in the photo pit waiting for the start of the show, wiping sweat from my brow. Suddenly, the curtain drops and FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN is is belted across the air. COLD CHILL BUMPS DOWN MY SPINE!!

Alice Cooper - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Alice Cooper has commandeered the stage in Bristow, Virginia at Jiffy Lube Live and I. Out With Ambler, am absolutely ecstatic to be photographing this legend! I remember the first time I ever heard a song by the Godfather of Shock Rock. I was less than ten years old, riding in a car with my teenage cousins. I’M EIGHTEEN comes on the radio and they start singing along, I was mesmerized by the music as well as how the lyrics seemed to fit their teen angst. Suddenly, a new fan was born.

Alice Cooper - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Tonight the audience was packed with both old and new fans. Many were in full makeup (including children!) And my son was in attendance with me. He had never seen Ol’ Black Eyes live and was equally as thrilled as I (although it certainly wasn’t my first nightmare!) Twenty-one songs spanning eleven albums from his over fifty-year career on this evening made for a monumental set. Having such a talented and charismatic band certainly keeps the blade of Alice’s guillotine sharp! Each and every performer on that stage brings something amazing, including his wife Sheryl as Nurse Rozetta and the astonishing Hurricane Nita Strauss on guitar.

Alice Cooper - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Thankfully I was able to catch this tour with Motionless In White and Halestorm as Halestorm joined Alice on stage for a breathtaking encore of Schools Out! Although this summer tour is done, Alice will be embarking his Ol’ Black Eyes Is Back world tour very soon and it will be a spectacle NOT to be missed! Alice Cooper is, and will always be, the Master of Shock Rock.

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