Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Savatage drummer Jeff Plate debuts NEW band ALTA REIGN

It’s one thing to be a member of multiple iconic bands. But, to finally have a creation of your very own make it to the table after being in the oven for 30 years? Such is the case with the band Alta Reign and its creator Jeff Plate. Jeff has had a successful music career as drummer for bands like Savatage, Metal Church, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Now it’s time for his brain child to test the waters and experience similar success.

The debut album, “Mother’s Day”, by Alta Reign is due out January 8, 2021! The world will come to know some fresh new faces in Tommy Cook (guitars/lead vocals), Collin Holloway (guitars/lead vocals), Kevin McCarthy (bass, vocals) and Zach Hamilton (keyboards, guitars/vocals). Plate, however, was able to enlist the incredible talent of TSO keyboardist Jane Mangini as well. Alta Reign could have easily been another guitar heavy Rock/Metal band. But the addition of Mangini brings a whole new sound that many are bound to love.

So what exactly did Rock Titan’s Scotty J think of this debut effort? You must scroll down to find out! Please also enjoy some of the music from “Mother’s Day” due out 1/8/2021. There’s a great interview between Jeff Plate and Scotty J on the Rock Titan Live podcast below. Check that out and SUBSCRIBE!

Jeff Plate joins Scotty J on Rock Titan Live

Errant thoughts by Scotty J on the debut album “Mother’s Day” by Alta Reign

Shine – Alta Reign immediately makes their presence known as a group of musicians who sound like they’ve been playing together forever. Vocals are terrific. Guitars, keyboards, bass and drums all make their distinctive mark on the very first track.

Witness – This track immediately kicks off with that metal sound I grew up loving. I’m really digging the vocals. There’s something Dokkenesque about it?

Thin Red Line – I swear I’ve heard the opening guitar riff before. But then such crunching guitar chords are a staple of metal. What really pulls you in are those vocals. Jeff Plate definitely did his due diligence on finding the right cast. The guitar solo by Tommy is pretty sweet.

Alta Reign “Thin Red Line” (Official Audio)

Never Say Never – Here you get a dose of Tommy and Collin harmonizing together. Speaking with Jeff, this is one of the songs they were particularly stoked about. How about Tommy’s chops on guitar? Dude can rock! Jane definitely adds her spice on keyboards. Jeff has to feel great about how this track came together.

Mother’s Day – Now we get the title track representing some classic hard rock and heavy metal. The full accompaniment of guitars, bass, and keyboards truly does make for a more unique sound especially with Collin’s vocals. There’s almost a Journey sound from an instrumental perspective. It’s definitely a big arena sound these guys bring. An unquestionable TSO influence. The guitar solos are very chill.

ESC (Escape) – Jeff kicks this one off showcasing his most excellent drumming prowess. Then Jane brings her dynamic on keyboards which is excellent. The song then evolves into heavier guitar. This is exclusively instrumental and doesn’t lose your attention for a second.

Come Out and Play – Listening to this, I am declaring right now that the vocalist demands mad respect from the wider music community. Alta Reign definitely has their guy here.

Let’s Go! (I’m in charge now) – There some serious “Breaking The Chains” harmonizing going on here. Tell me I’m wrong! If Van Halen and Dokken had a baby you’d get Alta Reign. But then you throw in the keyboard action and you’ve got something else all together. You’ve gotta love it!

Always – Jane is amazing on piano. That said what would a debut album be without a love ballad? Well here you go, and it’s a beauty! The vocals really take you away to another place. The diversity of music on this debut album is special. Wedding DJ’s need to add this to their playlist.

Alta Reign “Immortal” (Official Audio)

Immortal – Alta Reign immediately changes pace on a heavier rock driven song with Immortal. Once again you get the full compliment of musical talent that makes up this new band.

Passage – This represents a second full instrumental on Mother’s Day. But again the guitar and keyboards together are mesmerizing.

Rise – Excellent way to wrap up this debut masterpiece. It represents the longest song on the album and fittingly so. The talent assembled by Plate is to be commended. Had Jeff gone with his Savatage band mate Zach Stevens on vocals, this album probably would have been great. The combined vocals of Collin and Tommy unquestionably confirms that Jeff made the right call.

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