Armored Saint’s John Bush sounds better than ever on NEW album Punching The Sky

Armored Saint truly is one of the greatest Heavy Metal Bands of All Time! Since their inception in the early 1980’s, John Bush, Joey Vera, Gonzo Sandoval, Phil Sandoval, and Jeff Duncan have consistently turned out consistently great music. Dave Prichard is without a doubt looking down on his metal brothers, proud of all they’ve accomplished. I for one am so glad John Bush didn’t remain with Anthrax (after replacing Joey Belladonna), and re-establish Armored Saint as one of the great forces the world of heavy metal has ever known.

When Armored Saint puts out a new album, you know you’re getting their absolute best effort. John Bush has been consistently adamant that quality comes before quantity. It’s been 5 years since the last studio album, Win Hands Down, was released. Now we have “Punching The Sky”, and it is a beauty! I kid you NOT! John Bush sounds as awesome as ever, and he’s definitely joined the Rock Titans of Mount Olympus as having one of the greatest voices in the history of heavy metal. After watching the interview between Bush and Scotty J, make sure to keep on scrolling for a FULL ALBUM REVIEW of “Punching The Sky”

Armored Saint’s John Bush on Rock Titan Live with Scotty J

Errant Thoughts By Scotty J on Armored Saint’s NEW Album “Punching The Sky”

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – These thrash metal legends waste no time busting into their title track. I LOVE the bag pipe opening! It’s one of my favorite instruments. Then Phil busts right into a guitar solo. It feels like an eternity before you hear any vocals. Finally, Bush lets it rip! There’s just no one that sounds like him. He sounds as great as ever. This opening track is strikingly long, but that just screams they mean business. 5 minutes in you get another ripping guitar solo. Armored Saint is truly heavy metal royalty.

Armored Saint – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

End of The Attention Span – You gotta love it! These guys are too well in tune with how times have changed since the 80’s. It’s hilarious. You must check out the complimenting Official Music Video. There are no newbies that rock out like this. Any mention of “The Big 4” is just an offense to these guys. Armored Saint takes no back seat to any metal band ever. Phil Sandoval shreds! He’ll melt your face off man.

Bubble – What to expect with a song title like this? The intro is definitely different. But no sooner your tractor beamed in with heavy bass and guitar riffs. You’ve got to appreciate John Bush’s vocals and what a gift he’s been to heavy metal for well over 30 years. Superior guitar work on this track. Just awesome!

My Jurisdiction – I love the way Joey Vera just lays the ground work for this track. This has got a funky groove that I really dig as well. Armored Saints last album was great. But I have to say I’m loving this one quite a bit more. That’s not to say Win Hands Down wasn’t great. But Punching The Sky is just turning out to be something special.

Armored Saint – End of the Attention Span (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Do Wrong To None – You are immediately handed great classic thrash metal! Those awesome crunching guitar groves combined with screaming lead guitar riffs. Once again John Bush separates himself from all of his peers as only he can. When you hear Armored Saint, you can’t confuse them with anyone else. Love it!

Lone Wolf – Could this have ever been a soundtrack for a certain Chuck Norris movie? Ok I’m dating myself. So what! Armored Saint rocks! The guitar solo on this track just grabs you and leaves you in awe of their greatness. How many bands like Armored Saint can claim they stayed true to their roots? These guys have aged like a fine wine.

Missile to Gun – I love the opening of this song! Prepare for whiplash because it’s head banging start to finish. This will be an awesome live experience without a doubt. Armored Saint means serious business and this track just solidifies one of the best metal albums of the year.

Armored Saint – Missile to Gun (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Fly in the Ointment – This song deviates from that thrash metal tempo and goes more rock n roll. It’s all good. You just develop a deeper appreciation for Bush’s vocals after 30 years. I can’t even believe I’m writing this. It can’t possibly have been this long? But Armored Saint solidified themselves among heavy metal royalty with this release.

Bark. No Bite – This is different? There’s a Judas Priest “Breaking the Law” feel. But good lord can Sandoval wail. Armored Saint has had a gap between album releases. But wow! The wait is worth it.

Armored Saint – Punching the Sky (FULL ALBUM)

Unfair – What’s unfair is that we don’t get heavier doses of Armored Saint on the tour trail! These guys must support this album live in front of huge audiences! Dare I say this song has strong grunge elements combined with their classic style of metal? I love this track! Unfair if we don’t see these guys rocking live in 2021!

Never You Fret – Perfect sentiment to finish this album by such heavy metal legends. Bush is too humble to admit it. But, he has to be extremely proud of this album. I love this track. I love this entire album. Well done!

For these Heavy Metal Legends, Rock Titan gives “Punching The Sky” a double horns up 10!

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