SAUL kicks off debut LP “Rise As Equals” with David Draiman collaboration

There’s nothing better than hearing a relatively new band with a debut album that blows your mind! SAUL exploded onto the music scene in 2017 releasing their first EP “Aeons” in 2019. Despite touring and sharing the stage with some of the industries biggest acts, personal trials and tribulations almost forced SAUL to call it a day. However, true grit and greatness wouldn’t be snuffed out. Brothers Blake Bedsaul, and Zach Bedsaul, William McIlravy, and Myles Clayborne would persevere to release one of the best full length debut albums that I have ever heard! “RISE AS EQUALS” isn’t just a compilation of tremendous music, but it’s a show of gratitude and respect to their fans.

SAUL will without a doubt be around for years to come. David Draiman from Disturbed wouldn’t have worked with these guys if he didn’t think so. The track “King of Misery” was a masterful song that Draiman added his musical flare.

Check out the awesome conversation between lead singer Blake Bedsaul and Rock Titan’s Scotty J. Continue scrolling for a full review of “RISE AS EQUALS”.

Blake Bedsaul and Scotty J talk “RISE AS EQUALS”

Errant thoughts by Scotty J on SAUL’s debut LP “RISE AS EQUALS”

Trial By Fire – Having never heard these guys before they have my immediate attention. With hard crunching riffs, solid vocals these guys prove they’re ready to press forward sharing a big stage.

Lookin To Fight – Now being familiar with the Bedsaul brothers trials and tribulations, it’s clear these lyrics are very personal.

Brother – Here’s a track that made its debut on the Aeons EP. it’s a tribute to their brother Caleb gone too soon. This is a powerful, hard hitting song, that had to be hard to write.

SAUL – BROTHER (Official Music Video)

King of Misery – This is an awesome and very emotional track co-written with Disturb’s David Draiman. A true tale of yin and yang. No matter how much you feel in control, there’s the chaos that constantly surrounds you.

Get it Right – The track takes us just a 1/3 through this album and continues to reinforce the great potential success that lies ahead for Saul. There’s something Avenged Sevenfold about these guys.

Rise As Equals – Here’s the title track people! This is definitely a winner! Blake has those raspy vocals, yet can turn on a dime to the softer melodic. His surrounding band is a solid as any in the metal scene. How about the message here? This is a band that truly appreciates their fans.

Inside – Blake can howl! Only half way through this debut LP and I am hooked! I’ve definitely gotta get me some merch. To think these guys were close to pumping fertilizer blows my mind. Zach can rock can he not? I like what he does on guitar with this track.

Saul – King Of Misery

Don’t Close Your Eyes – What a well produced album! That may be one of the first things that strikes me. This is their debut! Sure they put out an EP a whole back. But Saul has the sound of a band that’s been at this for years. I can’t wait to see them live! These guys have future headliner written all over them.

Levee – The piano proves these guys have a well rounded and diverse sound. Blake has got some serious singing chops. He proves to have a vocal scale that is impressive when going high to low. This may be one of my favorite tracks on the album.

Here and Now – Moving on from Levee you get back into some heavy riffs and thumping bass lines. What’s not lost is Blake’s impressive vocal range once again. These guys are really really good! They were born to rock that’s for damn sure. One of Iowa’s best exports for sure!

The Toll – I love the songwriting here and the instrumentals are just head banging! So many things take a toll on us throughout life. These guys share their take on life in a manner most metal.

Things Change – Many full length LP’s would have been done by now. I’m glad Saul kept going. So help me there has yet to be one bad track. I keep waiting for an “eh” moment and it just hasn’t happened. There’s no mind altering shredding or anything like that, but it’s just not needed. I’ve never been a big synthesizer guy, but SAUL really makes it work.

Saul – Rise As Equals

Sticks and Stones – If Disturbed and Pantera had a baby I might expect a product like this. Blake once again shows off his incredibly diverse vocals. They do some really excellent digital work with this.

Welcome To The Machine – I think I just officially lost my mind! Everyone that knows me and has watched numerous Rock Titan Live podcasts knows I’m a big Pink Floyd fan. What’s wild is Cristian Machado from Ill Nino just covered this song on his debut solo LP. 2 totally different approaches to this legendary song! What an awesome job SAUL does at owning this and putting their stamp on it. I’m blown away!

This is a solid 9 out of 10. I’d give it a ten if there were a couple solid guitar solos, which I live for. That was the only area I found myself wanting. Other than that I fully expect this album to win awards and is an awesome debut effort!

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