Candlebox is still going strong 25 years since debut album!

Candlebox - Photo by Gretchen Johnson

Story by Scotty J
Photos by Gretchen Johnson

Kevin Martin - photo by Gretchen Johnson

Brian Quinn - photo by Gretchen Johnson

Candlebox - Photo by Gretchen Johnson

The early 90’s birthed a number of iconic bands out of Seattle. While many “grunge” fans may recollect the glory days of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots, Candlebox was right there in the midst of it and still going strong after 25 years! Frontman Kevin Martin may have a few grey hairs on his chin, but is none worse for the wear. With age has come maturity and an outlook on the current music scene that only someone who’s deservedly experienced a successful music career in a most unforgiving industry. The days of major music labels paying attention to a band like Candlebox may have evaporated. But, that’s all well and good for a true artist like Kevin Martin.

After having witnessed first hand the well preserved voice and stage presence of Martin, it’s easy to understand Candlebox’s continued success. Still supporting their latest album, “Disappearing in Airports“, fans packed Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino to witness the acoustic duo of Kevin Martin and Brian Quinn. Quinn joined Candlebox just a few years ago, and has since entrenched himself as the lead guitar. Having experienced great success as one of Philly’s favorite son’s with Fosterchild and Octane, Quinn has played a number of acoustic sets with Kevin Martin. Performing many of Candlebox’s platinum certified songs, you’d think Martin and Quinn had been a duo forever.

In this backstage interview, Martin and Quinn share their take on the current music scene, the artists we’ve lost, and life on the road. Technology has unquestionably changed the music industry, and Candlebox has adjusted marvelously. So much so that being an independent band isn’t a stigma but a blessing. Be certain to check out remaining tour dates and merch!

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