Ministry’s Sin Quirin breaks down AmeriKKKant with Rock Titan TV’s Scotty J

Since MINISTRY's inception, there may be no album that's possessed the hype of AmeriKKKant. Just when you thought they might be done, as Al Jourgensen has wanted to hang up the mic many times since the passing of Mike Scaccia, the industrial metal behemoth delivers some of their best material to date.

With 'From Beer to Eternity' being over 4 years old, 'AmeriKKKant' brings a whole new level of energy and passion to the masses with some powerful messages. There is no doubt that President Trump has evoked some serious emotions from millions worldwide. Jourgensen has made his emotions toward the commander and chief most well known. The newly released music video 'Twilight Zone' artistically depicts imagery that's impossible to misinterpret.

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