Ministry on the last Slayer tour! Could it be theirs as well?

Ministry - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan
Al Jourgensen - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Sin Quirin - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Ministry - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Ministry - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Photos and Intro by Out With Ambler
Errant thoughts and interview with Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin By Scotty J

Ministry is a band I’ve always wanted to see live, yet for some reason, never did. Then Slayer announces bringing them onboard for their Final Campaign, and I knew I wasn’t missing this opportunity. The band didn’t disappoint with their choices for the evening, giving us songs such as Deity, Burning Inside, Thieves and my personal favorite, N.W.O. Eight songs from three studio albums were enough to wet my appetite for seeing Ministry again, possibly with a longer headline set! Get out there now and catch Ministry with Slayer and be able to brag forever “I was there!” as will I.
– Ambler

Ministry tour photos by Ambler

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Errant thoughts by Scotty J…

It is ironic that a band like Ministry would join Slayer’s last ride. When it comes to a guy like Al Jourgensen, any tour could be his last. Ministry had been touring in support of their latest album, AmeriKKKant, released back in 2018. While it was more than apparent that Jourgensen had received an adrenaline shot named Donald Trump, it’s hard to tell how decades of self-inflicted physical and substance abuse would take their toll?

As one of the Pioneers of industrial metal, Uncle Al has made no secrets about his strong political beliefs in his music. The symbolism, imagery, and lyrics scattered throughout “AmeriKKKant”, make it clear that Jourgensen may require blood pressure medicine more than anything else. All kidding aside, the outspoken, obnoxious, unapologetic, leftist, liberal version of Alex Jones continues to make music. When considering events of the last 10 years, that’s pretty impressive.

It was back in 2008 when Al Jourgensen initially prepared to end Ministry. But, only a few years later, Al would get the band back together again. Tragically, that comeback would be short lived. After the passing of Mike Scaccia, Al was done. Once again, Ministry would go on an indefinite hiatus. However, 2018 proved that miracles do come true. An orange skinned man with a bad blonde come-over resurrected Uncle Al like a cat with 9 lives. The creative juices would begin to flow and AmeriKKKant was born. As much as Al abhors touring, it would become a necessary evil to support the new album.

So here we are on Slayer’s last ride. A band like Ministry is well aware of how that feels. They’ve gone on their last tour before. Yet here we are alive on the tour trail again. Let’s all hope Slayer has second thoughts as Ministry had done multiple times. Bands as iconic as Slayer and Ministry should continue making music until their final trumpet has sounded.

MINISTRY guitarist Sin Quirin with Scotty J

MINISTRY – Twilight Zone

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