The Rods Legend Carl Canedy Reinforces He’s A WARRIOR on Drums

Review and Interview by Rock Titan’s Scotty J

We’ve caught up with the iconic drummer of The Rods, Carl Canedy, in the past. It’s funny how things evolve in such a short period of time. The last time Rock Titan featured Canedy, The Rods were on the cusp of releasing the first new music in years. Now, Carl has his own side project that equally deserves your attention. Canedy is a band comprised of musicians hailing from the Scranton PA region. They just released their new album ‘Warrior’, and it is some fine old school heavy metal. Check out the Rock Titan review as well as the exclusive interview between Carl Canedy and Scotty J.

The RODS legend Carl Canedy with Scotty J on Rock Titan Live

Errant thought on ‘WARRIOR’ by Scotty J

Do It Now – Carl immediately makes his presence known on this new album. It’s easy to understand why he’s so well respected. The entourage around him introduces themselves with authority.

Not Even Love – There’s some great old school heavy metal here to go along with a decent lyric video. Canedy deserves your attention.

Not Even Love – Lyric Video

Lies – It’s impressive how Canedy retains his blazing speed on the kit. Mike Santarsiero has chops. In a different time I can see this band getting the attention they deserve. Times are just so different now.

Hellride – This is probably my favorite song on Warrior. I love the way the beginning starts off. But then you get into the lyrics, guitar playing, bass, and drums. I could see this being the anthem of many Motorcycle Clubs.

Warrior – Canedy has found himself a solid surrounding cast. The official music video was a nice glimpse at the band. Footage from “300” gave me serious ideas!

WARRIOR – Official Video

3rd Time’s a Charm – These guys just have such a classic heavy metal feel. It’s wild Carl caught on with these guys with the goal of corralling local talent in Scranton.

Out For Blood – Ok head bangers. Here you go. If you were waiting for a song on this album that might give you whiplash, the waiting is over.

In This Sign – I’m left thinking Carl just really wanted to crash some symbols and Mike wanted to channel his inner Bruce Dickinson.

The Prize – Well it pains me to say it but this song doesn’t take the prize. It kind of surprised me this song was left on an otherwise great album. At the very least I’d have re-recorded this. It just seemed out of the Santarsiero’s comfort zone.

Attia– This May be the least metal song on the album. All that said there’s no question this Canedy lineup has real talent. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 8 tracks of Warrior and I definitely look forward to another release from this fine group of musicians.

Mike Santarsiero – lead vocals
Charlie Russello – guitars, synth
Tony Garuba – bass, vocals, cello
Carl Canedy – drums

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