Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Get Visceral With 3rd Studio Album!

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs ( Pigsx7 )! You don’t get much more of a unique band name then that! But these musicians out of the UK deserve notoriety for much more than their band name. The 3rd album by PigsX7, Viscerals, will have psychedelic music fans in a state of euphoria.

Interview with Matt Baty and Scotty J

Errant thoughts on ‘Viscerals’ by Scotty J

Reducer – This was a great choice to open with on Viscerals. WARNING!!! If you watch the official music video, do not do so under the influence of psychedelics! But if that’s your thing, remember you were warned.

Rubbernecker – There’s something about this song that gives me a strong Janes Addiction vibe. But remember that warning I gave you about the “Reducer” video. This may have that best x10! That said, the creator definitely deserves some kind of award.

Pigsx7 – Rubbernecker

New Body – I can’t recall hearing anything like this. They are truly unique. I dig it, but you’ve got to be in a certain mood or under a certain influence.

Blood and Butter – This is a poem with a backing soundtrack. Imagine a very dark version of the ending from The Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin”

World Crust – Here we go! This song is much more my personal pace. Pigsx7 picks up the pace and shows more traditional metal chops. One things these guys prove in spades is their diversity.

Pigsx7 – Reducer

Crazy In Blood – Back to back gems right here folks. Songs like “World Crust” and “Crazy In Blood” are definite where PigsX7 excels. For me they’ve now gone from an obscure U.K. based band to one I’ll definitely have on my playlist.

Halloween Bolson – Strap in for the ride on this one. At over 9min you’ll never hear this on the radio. It beats “New Body” by almost a full 2 minutes. But it’s definitely worthy of your attention.

Hell’s Teeth – A solid track to end the album. The old school Black Sabbath influence is undeniable! If that’s what you like then you will love Viscerals. There may be a couple songs leaving you in a bit of a daze. But I believe that’s the objective of PigsX7 if there’s one at all.

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