Jump The Fall Makes Their Landing with Ten Year Guilt: Part 1

Boston rock band, Jump the Fall, comes out swinging with their upcoming debut release, Ten Year Guilt: Part 1.

The EP was recorded and produced by Dave Eve, Anthoy Resta, John Mailloux, and Paul Hager. Mastering was done at The Lodge.

The songs are punchy and instantly memorable. Guitar riffs from Ron Rich are infectious and the melodic vocals of Randy Bettencourt are instantly stuck in your head. Driven by the thunderous rhythm section that is Steve Kilroy and Tim Johnson, Jump the Fall could take the stage with any number of modern rock acts, like Halestorm or I Prevail.

Jump The Fall Interview – Debut EP Makes Perfect Landing

Errant Thoughts By Scotty J

Drown – Nice way to kick off a debut EP. I’m digging it. Hard to believe these guys took a break 10 years ago only to be reunited once again. Here’s hoping their patience is rewarded.


Connect – I can see this band connecting with many fans! These guys have a sound that I’m confident will resonate with a large audience.


Say Goodbye – And so we say goodbye for the last of the original songs from ‘Jump The Fall’ for now. But part 2 is on the way. These guys have a great sound, solid representation, and talent! I’m looking forward to the next release… hopefully an extended one from these guys.

Say Goodbye

Terrible Lie – Go big or go home! Jump The Fall covers Nine Inch Nails hit “Terrible Lie”! I’d love to know Trent Reznor’s take? I personally think Bettencourt does an admirable job. What are your thoughts? Ten Year Guilt: Part 1 is a torturous teaser of the possible. Jump The Fall had 10 years to think on what could be should a reunion occur? We have heard this tantalizing offering. What comes next will be a defining moment.

Terrible Lie


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