Corrington Wheeler talks new EP, Music Videos, and Tokyo Drift on Rock Titan TV

Corrington Wheeler is on Rock Titan TV
Corrington Wheeler Official Music Video poster for Tragedy of Leusden

If Corrington Wheeler isn’t a band you’ve heard of yet, get ready as it’s just a matter of time. All musicians are learning the hard way in the current industry, that it’s not enough to be talented. You must have a business mind in order to succeed. Yes. Corrington Wheeler has been cranking out new music, videos, and concerts like men possessed. But it’s Corrington’s military background that provided him with the business template for success. You might actually be able to consider this video a “How to be successful in the music industry” video.


    • Thanks John. Means a lot. Corrington Wheeler kicks ass and is just the kind of band that helps Rock Titan TV make music television great again.

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