Cristian Machado Shows A Whole New Side Of His Music Talent with “Hollywood Y Sycamore”

After a long and successful career as the frontman of the heavy metal band Ill Nino, Cristian Machado has embarked on a new journey. His debut solo album “Hollywood Y Sycamore” is a collection of soulful and passionate acoustic songs. Machado consciously decided to bare his soul on his sleeve by revealing a whole new side to his musical talents.

It can be a frightening and anxiety ridden experience to venture into the unknown. When you’ve experienced significant success in the music world, accompanied by the adoration of millions of fans, why would you ever think of changing anything? The answer is simple. The artist inside of you requires it. As the old adage goes “Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.” What exactly did Rock Titan think about this effort? See the review by Scotty J below.

Cristian Machado chats with Scotty J about the launch of his solo career

Errant thoughts on Cristian Machado’s debut solo album “Hollywood Y Sycamore” by Scotty J – A Rock Titan Review

Say Hello Again – Wow! Very unexpected. Acoustic guitar, violin, bongo drums. Machado sounds phenomenal. A good bit of his lyrics are in Spanish, which makes it a challenge to understand. But you’re compelled to run it through a translator because it’s that good. If you were expecting anything like Ill Nino you’d be way off!

Die Alone – Cristian is quite the song writer. This is a deep reveal of pain and suffering. Just 2 songs into this album it’s becoming clear we’re going to hear a whole new side to Cristian Machado.

Cristian Machado – “Die Alone”

Better you Know – It would seem Machado made a conscious effort to incorporate violin into his new music. More Spanish lyrics would seem to indicate his close ties to the Latin community. This song writing is very expressive and emotional. There’s definitely some self exploration going on.

Blame It On Me – Cristian continues down deep and artistic path unlike anything he’s done before. His acoustic playing proves he’s quite capable of standing alone as a singer / songwriter.

Bring You Home – Barely half way through the album, there’s no question Machado is carving out a new path in his music career. He’s much more than metal that’s for sure.

Good Mother – Here’s a sweet love ballad for you. The classic guitar accompanied by the violin makes for a beautiful arrangement.

Weeds – You can feel the raw emotion in this music. The piano adds a dramatic element to the overall composition of this song. I feel this entire album has been very revealing of what life has been like for the artist over the last couple years.

Pas Lo Que Pase – Translated “Come What May”. So far there hasn’t been one up tempo song on this debut album. This is without question a composition of beautiful songs. But you’ve got to be in the right kind of mood. It is certainly mood music.

How Can I Live – There’s something that reminds me of Staind on this track? I’m not sure why? But I definitely dig the bass playing on this song. There’s some really nice classic guitar work here as well.

Welcome To The Machine – As a huge Pink Floyd fan, I find this cover awesome! Cristian Machado nails it! He puts his own little flare on it, while including some of the same original sound effects. Very well done.

Corazon en un Cajon – Translated “Heart In A Drawer”. Latino community this one is for you because I don’t understand Spanish. That said, it sounds like a beautiful song.

Numb – I’ve been waiting for a song a little more up tempo and it would appear Machado waited until the last track to deliver. The percussion here is particularly strong and has provided a great mood throughout the album.

If you were expecting anything close to Ill Nino you will not like this album. If you’re a Cristian Machado fan and wanted to see a different side of this artist, you will love Hollywood Y Sycamore. Without question it’s mood music. With the exception of Pink Floyd’s cover, this is a deeply emotional and somber reflection of the artist’s soul. I definitely look forward to a sophomore effort from Machado.



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