Tommy Marz Chasing Light Shows His Music Future is Burning Bright

Tommy Marz Chasing Light is his first solo independent EP in over six years. His newest work features 5 original songs in addition to his version of “Stuck In The Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel. All original tracks were written and produced by Marz, who also performs all of the instrumentation, with additional production from Jason Tucker.

Though rooted in alt-rock, Chasing Light reveals a more singer-songwriter side of Marz, who found inspiration for the material from artists such as John Mayer and Harry Styles. The EP includes “Summer Bummer”, an anti-love song that touches upon feelings of loneliness, whereas the title track “Chasing Light” was inspired by a memorable trip to Las Vegas. What did Rock Titan think of this effort? See the review track by track below.

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Errant Thoughts on Chasing Light by Tommy Marz – A Rock Titan Review written by Scotty J

Stuck in the middle with you (cover) – I’ve always had a rule about covers. You better knock it out of the park or change the arrangement. Tommy swings for the fences and connects. What’s really cool is the official music video. Marz literally plays every single instrument and throws in his clapping for good measure.

Lullaby to Summer – Tommy has a great voice. Ironically, the summer was short depending on how you look at it. It’s more like a summer we’d all like to forget. So I suppose a lullaby is appropriate.

Summer Bummer – Tommy and I actually had a fun conversation about this song. See the podcast! While this past summer was a bummer, the song is anything but. Marz got talent.

Tommy Marz – Summer Bummer

Chasing Light – Time for the title track! Definitely a different sound. It’s like there’s a little 80’s techno going on. Too bad he couldn’t get a Pointer Sisters appearance here.

Stray – I really like Marz’s acoustic style. There’s a David Gray / John Mayer / Jack Johnson feel. Yeah I said it. Tommy could easily be in that conversation.

Lady Magic – This is one of the funkier, bluesier songs on this EP. What’s nice is that you really get a full array of Marz’s musical talents. It’s very chill. That said I feel a bit sold short! That’s it? Well I guess Tommy is a marketing guru to boot as well because he certainly leaves you wanting for more.

Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You

Whether it’s his music or his infectious personality, Tommy Marz Chasing Light has that “it” factor quickly grabbing your attention. Singer / Songwriters like Marz are a treasure to be cherished. It’s one thing to have a great singing voice, but it’s another think all together to write the kind of lyrics that touch and inspire another in a very personal way. Chasing Light is short and sweet, but perfect for todays attention span.

Rock Titan Grades this a solid 8.5 out of 10.

For more info on Tommy Marz:  Website // Twitter // Facebook //Instagram

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