Eddie Van Halen is Smiling Down on Wolfgang with the Debut of Mammoth WVH

The loss of guitar legend Eddie Van Halen in October 2020 was felt by generations across the world. This man changed the game and revolutionized what it meant to be a guitar player. That said, the greatness of a musician can truly be measured by the legacy they leave behind. Certainly, the musical works of Van Halen and Eddie himself will last for an eternity. But, Eddie’s music wasn’t the only gift he leaves behind. His son, Wolfgang, is a chip off the old block. We’ve known for years that Wolfgang ROCKS on guitar. Mammoth WVH by Wolfgang Van Halen showcases the full spectrum of musical talent.

So what exactly does Scotty J think of the MAMMOTH WVH debut?

Mammoth WVH by Wolfgang Van Halen

Mr. Ed – What better way to kick off a track than a tribute to the old man. In the great beyond Eddie is smiling. Wolfgang has proven his genetic guitar chops for years. But with this album Wolfgang does it all. The fact he rocks the axe can be no surprise to anyone. Showing off the vocals and every other instrument is special.

Horribly Right – I dig how Wolfgang’s sound is so vastly different from anything resembling the Van Halen catalog. He’s got his own distinctive sound and crushes it. This dude can sing!

Epiphany – The instrumental opening here is pretty awesome. The drums, and bass are all Wolfgang. Just a few songs in you realize what a songwriter this guy is. Rock n Roll heart and soul. There are some sweet guitar licks in here. Wolfgang definitely rocks that drum kit though.

Mammoth WVH: Don’t Back Down (Official Video)

Don’t Back Down – Following up from “Epiphany”, there’s more of that solid drumming skill set. It’s a challenge to pinpoint what I’m more impressed by? Knowing Wolfgang is doing it all is pretty wild.

Resolve – Sweet guitar riff to kick off this song for sure. But, the vocal range is pretty impressive. Wolfgang can hit some high notes. There’s more guitar solo work here, which is a most welcomed element to his music.

You’ll be the One – Take away the vocals and you get an AC/DC vibe no doubt. Now add the vocals and you’ve just got Wolfgang Van Halen creating his own identity. Without the namesake this artist has all the tools to be a tremendous success.

Mammoth WVH by Wolfgang Van Halen: Mammoth (Official Lyric Video)

Mammoth – The title track is not what I would have expected. I might have anticipated something more in your face? Especially with a name like “mammoth”? That said, Wolfgang continues to prove his overwhelming musical talent across the spectrum.

Circles – This is the most diverse sounding song on the album by far. It’s a total deviation from the albums theme so far. That said it’s refreshing to see such a varied expression of music talent.

The Big Picture – Here we go! I speak for myself when I say this is the kind of rock I like. Wolfgang bears down and delivers some much harder sound with “The Big Picture”. He’s clearly got a number of diverse musical influences, and this song puts them all on full display.

Mammoth WVH by Wolfgang Van Halen: Think It Over (Official Lyric Video)

Think it Over – I immediately get an overwhelming commercial success story with this song. This could easily be the soundtrack to countless tv shows in today’s entertainment landscape. I’d be floored if this weren’t one of the more if not the most popular track from this album.

You’re To Blame – Great soundtrack to a fight scene I think! This needs to make its way into John Wick 4! I’m not kidding. I don’t know if Wolfgang saved the best for last or what? But, this is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. It gets the adrenaline flowing! Some sweet guitar work here.

Mammoth WVH: Feel (Official Lyric Video)

Feel – Now I’m forced to believe WVH saved the best for last. Wolfgang cranks it up a notch in tempo and theme. I have to specifically reference his impressive vocals. Yes he plays every instrument with seasoned excellence. But the dude can sing.

Stone – I really dig the arrangement with “Stone”. Interestingly this is by far the longest song on the album over 6 minutes. It eclipses every other track by more than 2 minutes. That additional time is well spent showing off his abundance of instrumental talent. Great guitar work accented by Wolfgang’s seemingly wide vocal range.

Wolfgang Van Halen – Mammoth WVH: Distance (Official Music Video)

Distance – What a great conclusion to this most excellent album. Wolfgang’s songwriting ability is without question. It’s like a message from Eddie to his boy. No doubt the legend that is EVH is most proud and smiling from the other side.

https://www.mammothwvh.com/ – Official Website
https://www.facebook.com/MammothWVH – Facebook
https://www.youtube.com/c/MammothWVH/videos – YouTube

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