Livingmore Deserves Immense Commercial Success Following the Release of ‘Take Me’

Livingmore is a west coast based band who creates a quality of Rock music not heard in years! Their influences include Garbage, The Hives, Roy Orbison, Modest Mouse, Wilco, Radiohead, The Cure, The Smiths, and Wes Anderson movies. Yes. That list includes some legends, and Livingmore is more than up to the challenge of attracting the spotlight of such aforementioned musicians.

LIVINGMORE is Ready for The Spotlight with Second Album ‘Take Me’

Since 2014, the Los Angeles quartet—Alex Moore [vocals], Spencer Livingston [guitar], Mike Schadel [drums], and Rodrigo Moreno [bass]—have independently amassed over 2 million total streams, ignited a buzz and engaged audiences at packed gigs. Now, they’re ready to move listeners more than ever with their second full-length album, Take Me [Nomad Eel Records], out May 2021.

So What Did Rock Titan’s Scotty J Think of ‘Take Me’? Keep Scrolling!

Sharp – Livingmore wastes no time in making their presence known. They set out to make sure their fans are having fun, and how could you not? In this opening track they convey an uplifting mood that will immediately have you wanting for more.

Livingmore “Sharp” Official Music Video

Bummer – Don’t let the title of this song fool you. You won’t reach the end feeling bummed out. Alex simply doesn’t want to be your bummer. No worries Alex! You’re not.

Got me feelin like – Here’s Livingmore’s second released single and official music video. Without a doubt you’ve become a fan of this bands sound by now. It’s reminiscent of some of that immensely successful early 90’s alt rock with female lead singers.

Neighbors – One thing that strikes me about this track is how Livingmore lends itself to such tremendous commercial appeal. Dare I say Cranberries? Tell me I’m wrong. This band has that type of appeal.

Memory Hill – Alex Moore’s voice is infectious to be sure. But Livingmore is a complete band make no mistake. Livingston contributes a number of sweet guitar licks, and these guys are definitely some talented song writers.

I Know It’s a Smile – Dig the vocal harmonization here. The backing vocals are seamlessly introduced to perfection. The title of this song couldn’t be more perfect as it’s quintessential feel good music.

Livingmore “Got Me Feelin’ Like” Official Music Video

Dramatic – Break out the keyboard. Livingmore is multifaceted on the instrumental front. They bring it all. Again I can’t stress enough the commercial appeal of this band. They are a complete package that will lighten any mood.

Energy Taken – This may be my favorite song on the album. Being a huge Soundgarden fan, I swear I heard some “Blow Up The Outside World” here. Thoughts? Either way there’s that persistent chill feel beginning to end.

Closer – Whoah! A Livingmore member other than Alex contributes the majority of the vocals of this track, and they crush it! Again the harmonization of vocals is excellent. They are a perfect compliment to one another. Great tune!

Rays – Alex Moore’s voice is simply mesmerizing. Livingmore is a band that sounds destined for immense success. If these guys aren’t given some serious world wide attention… well there’s no band more deserving and I’ll leave it at that.

Dreams on Fire – This is the perfect track to conclude what I would deem a flawless album. There’s no space filler on ‘Take Me’ for sure. Every single track is airwave ready. Ladies and gentlemen meet Livingmore. They deserve your undivided attention.

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