Diamante Announces Her Presence with Authority as Her Sophomore Album ‘American Dream’ Hits The Market

Diamante American Dream

Diamante, the sapphire-haired, Boston-raised, and Los Angeles-based Mexican-Italian-American with a show-stopping voice singer, has announced May 7th as the release date for her upcoming independent full length album, American Dream.  After listening to this sophomore release, Rock Titan’s Scotty J couldn’t wait to provide his thoughts!  Continue scrolling to read a track by track review and please feel free to leave your comments.

Diamante joins Rock Titan Live to share her American Dream with Scotty J

American Dream – Diamante breaks right in with her title track and grabs ahold of you immediately. Her voice is simply hypnotic and her sound is irresistible. She’s got that perfect mix of raspy, melodic, and angelic vocals that represent everything Rock N Roll needs.

Ghost Myself – This was a great song for the Official Music Video. Lots of attitude and seductive vocals will keep your attention wanting for more.

DIAMANTE – Ghost Myself (Official Video)

Serves your Right – This is a great showcase of Diamante’s vocal range. She most impressively goes from lows to highs effortlessly. Once again she just features an attitude that easily sets her apart from many of her peers.

Obvious – Move over Halestorm, In This Moment, Evanescence and the like. There’s a blue haired bombshell in town and she ROCKS. No disrespect to the previously mentioned what so ever. But Diamante immediately proves she’s at their level in an incredibly short period of time.

DIAMANTE – Obvious (Official Video)

Unlovable – This title is ironic as there’s absolutely nothing not to love. Unlovable showcases a softer, passionate element to Diamanté’s music. I can see lots of commercial appeal with this track.

Wake up Call – What a great name for this song as it should serve as a warning to the rock n roll world. The music community is officially on alert as “American Dream” will prove to be one of 2021’s best Rock Albums.

Unfuck You – You have got to love this gritty, sassy, and aggressive arrangement of lyrics. I hope there’s a target of this song and that they’re devastated. One thing is for sure. Don’t piss off Diamante. You’ll get immortalized in one awesome song that will make millions of playlists.

I Love Myself for Hating You – When speaking with Diamante, it was revealed much of this song writing process was quite personal. In back to back songs that’s definitely evident. What a voice. Dare I say Diamante will own the 2020’s.

Iris – When it comes to covers I’ve always said you better go big or go home. It’s not enough to be as good as the original. It must be better. Diamante and Ben Burnley from Breaking Benjamin team up to knock this Goo Goo Dolls hit out of the park.

DIAMANTE & Breaking Benjamin – Iris (Official Video)

Hopeless – Wha Wha We Wha can Diamante sing. Having gotten through this whole album, I’d be floored if major record labels weren’t flocking to sapphire haired siren prior to her next musical creation. Commercial appeal in abundance to a wide and diverse audience is what I take away from this.

American Dream wraps up with a sweet acoustic rendition of “Obvious”. What’s obvious is that Diamante is a bonified Rock Star and I for one look forward to tracking her career with great enthusiasm and high expectations.


Commenting on American Dream Diamante says, “Every word on this album is my personal diary screaming in your face. This album has no limitations, restrictions, or filter, really.” Proving now more than ever that her fearlessness to bare her soul in her music is what truly sets her apart.


  • Diamante once again teamed up with super producer Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson [My Chemical Romance, Halestorm, Kelly Clarkson] of Judge & Jury to record American Dream.
  • She provided guest vocals on the Bad Wolves track “Hear Me Now,” which reached #1 on Active Rock radio, backing vocals on All That Remains’ cover of Garth Brooks’ song “The Thunder Rolls” and also had a Top 15 song with her own single “Haunted.”
  • Toured extensively with bands like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, and Shinedown.
  • Previously released her first full-length Coming in Hot (2018) and Dirty Blonde EP (2015) along with countless singles and music videos along the way.
  • Currently attending college while she continues making music.

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