Prism B!tch resurrects the glory days of Alternative Rock with debut LP Perla

Talk about a multi-threat kind of band!  Prism B!tch is the complete package of music and theatrical entertainment. Not long ago, their Official Music Video “Starlight” was brought to my attention. I couldn’t believe what my eyes and ears were witnessing. While I hadn’t heard of this Albuquerque based quartet before, I was compelled to see and hear more. Once you’ve visited the Prism Bitch YouTube Channel, I’m confident you’ll come to the same conclusions I have. Please check out our interview below and leave your comments. DEFINITELY go check out the debut LP “Perla” due out March 5 2021!

Rock Titan Live’s Scotty J hosts Prism Bitch!

What did Rock Titan’s Scotty J think of Prism Bitch’s debut LP? Here’s some thoughts on a few singles!

Starlight – This is absolutely brilliant. The song itself is reminiscent of the alternative rock days of the 90’s. Prism Bitch’s musical talents are undeniable, however their official music video is beyond exceptional. It breaks my heart that MTV and Vh1 aren’t what they once were, because this video would deserve to be in regular rotation. The entire production is A+ for acting, costumes, and effects.

Prism Bitch – “Starlight”

One Shot – I should have asked if these folks went to drama/acting, or film school. The video again is very entertaining. The vocals are tremendous. There’s not a single alternative, punk, indie rock music act I wouldn’t pit Prism Bitch up against. They are the real deal. It makes me sad what the overall music industry has become. 25-30 years ago these folks would be all the rage. Perhaps that’s still a possibility? It’s definitely on the top of Mt. Should Be.

Prism Bitch – “One Shot”

Too High – This was one of the early singles to be released off Perla. It’s an unquestionable example of Prism Bitch’s musical diversity and a most welcome one. I also must reinforce they make some of the best music videos I’ve ever seen. You will be entertained.

Prism Bitch – “Too High”

Heathers – Here’s a track that once again puts the music talent of this band on full display. It’s fun, uplifting, and dare I say catchy. It’s one thing to be an act exclusively built for the sound studio. But, Prism Bitch is a band you must see LIVE.

Prism Bitch – “Heathers”

Press Release courtesy of Press Here

Los Angeles, CA – March 5, 2021 – Today, emerging rock quartet Prism B!tch has released their debut full-length studio album, Perla. PRESS HERE to listen. The 11-track independent collection – produced by Toshi Kasai [Foo Fighters, The Melvins] and recorded at Sound of Sirens Studio in Los Angeles – features the Albuquerque band’s latest singles “Starlight,” which has received support from BrooklynVegan and NPR, and “One Shot.” Coinciding with the release of Perla, Prism B!tch has issued the official music video for the previously released track “II,” directed and edited by Brendan McKnight. PRESS HERE to watch. Perla is available on vinyl and CD as well as limited edition lyric zines; album, merch and bundle packages are available at Prism B!tch’s official webstore HERE.

“We’re so excited to share our full-length debut album Perla with you!” shares the band. “This album is a diverse collection of personal songs about our lives these past few intense years. Subjects range from death and breakups to new romance and exciting opportunities, and above all, friendship. We want it to help ease loneliness and possibly give listeners a chance to forget their worries and have a good time with us. Music is the universal way to feel better, and we hope Perla is like your companion in this strange world. Also, we want you to have a good time! Now, excuse us, while we go celebrate all day!”

Prism B!tch – Lauren Poole [bass, vocals], Lilah Rose [keys, guitar, vocals], Chris Walsh [guitar], and Teresa Cruces [drums, vocals] – hop from robust riff-ery to sticky sweet hooks before dipping back into moments of distorted bliss and warm melodies. With no shortage of unexpected thrills, the four-piece constructs something of a sonic rollercoaster on Perla. Each band member’s personality shines on the album with “the pop punk from Lilah, the hair band vibes from Teresa, and the bluesy riffs from Chris.”

Perla, named after Teresa’s mother, opens with “In N Out,” an energetic, dance-y sexual song filled with sun-spiked guitar melodies about admitting to the guilty pleasures of going back to someone who you love to hate. “One Shot” is an upbeat, fantastical song with a hint of classic rock about pushing through a hardship and demanding strength. Ruminating on the fragility and beauty of existence and death, ethereal vocals blast off over lush instrumentation, a bold drumbeat, and a soaring guest guitar solo from Built To Spill frontman Doug Martsch on “Starlight.” Elsewhere on the album are the anthems “Heathers,” a bass-heavy alternative fever dream about feelings of adolescence and mean girls, the foreboding palm-muted stomp and scream of “II” and, with a sweet melody followed by a jarring sludgy metal punch, “Too High,” a song about smoking too much weed. Full track listing for Perla below.

Prism B!tch made their musical introduction with 2017’s The Getaway EP before unleashing the self-titled Prism Bitch EP a year later. Along the way, they’ve amassed over 100K cumulative streams, won three Weekly Alibi “Best of Burque” Music Awards, and ignited iconic stages including The Whisky A Go-Go, The Roxy, Webster Hall and SXSW in addition to touring up and down both coasts in support of indie rock mainstays Built To Spill. Inspired by everyone from The Pixies to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Prism B!tch has crystallized an unpredictable and undeniable signature sound on their debut full-length, Perla.

1.      In N Out
2.      Too High
3.      Top Of My Game
4.      Lonely Nights
5.      Wasting Time
6.      I
7.      II
8.      Heathers
9.      Starlight
10.   Around
11.   One Shot

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