Fame On Fire proves ready for the big stage with NEW album Levels

Florida based Rock Band, Fame On Fire, made the most of a tumultuous 2020. They’ve earned the respect and adoration from a passionate fan base with their September release of ‘LEVELS’. Make no mistake these guys are ready for the big stage. FOF has already received the attention of SiriusXM and their listening audience. They’ve also been streamed millions of times on Spotify and other digital platforms.

What does Rock Titan’s Scotty J think about LEVELS? Continue scrolling to find out!

Fame On Fire makes guest appearance on Rock Titan Live

Cover Band (Intro) – I’m seeing more and more bands feature an enigmatic opening track not more than a minute long to wet your whistle on what’s to come. This could easily be a video game sound byte.

Her Eyes – It’s easy to understand why Fame On Fire experienced success in 2020 despite all the environmental challenges. These guys have a sound that should put them in the conversation for hottest new band.

Her Eyes

Not Dead Yet – Bryan Kuznitz definitely has the vocal chops to propel this band to commercial success. His surrounding cast of band mates definitely have the musical talent to hold their own against any of their peers. The guitarist could play with anybody. This track proves Fame on Fire is in it to win it.

I’m Fine – This is a powerful and empowering song further supported by their official music video. Fame On Fire has the sound, look, and vibe of a band ready to hit the tour trail. Anyone else getting a Shinedown or Breaking Benjamin feel?

I’m Fine

Headspace ft. Poorstacy – I fully expect these will get their fair share of play on SiriusXM. It’s kind of sad terrestrial radio rock stations don’t play that much current music. When it comes to Rock, they’re almost all oldies stations now. These guys deserve significant airplay. Not just streaming.

Crazy For Your Crazy – Whoever got immortalized in this song should feel honored. Bryan is quite the songwriter. It’s one thing to have solid vocal talent, but you’ve got to be able to write. This is particularly relevant on the following track.

Show You – I dig the keyboard in this song. It’s subtle and overpowered by some great guitar and drum play. But it adds an extremely powerful element of emotion. Fame on Fire plays at a level that would have you believing they’ve been rocking out together for years.

It’s Okay – more than half way through the album, I haven’t found myself wanting to pause. These guys are solid, and strategically keep their songs under the 4min mark. There’s no waste of space in their work.

Now and Forever (featuring Trevor Wentworth) – Trevor definitely brings a cool element to this track. Overlaying the vocals with Bryan’s makes for a cool effect.


So Sad – This track like all the others before are extremely well mastered and produced. Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards just fit well. No elongated solos on anyone’s part keep these tracks short but powerful all the same.

Down – I continue to find myself blown away by the lyrics. These songs have some deep feelings being conveyed. I’m talking real poetry here! Converting such emotion into serious hard rock is no small task.

S.O.S. – Once live shows get back into action Fame On Fire is definitely worth the price of admission. This song just further reinforces this band is ready to share some big stages.

Scars of Love – How about wrapping up this killer album with some acoustic guitar? Bryan can write. That’s for sure. Fame On Fire as a whole is just really solid, and ‘Levels’ should definitely be added to your playlist.

Connect with Fame On Fire:

Website: https://www.fameonfireband.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/FameOnFire
Instagram: http://instagram.com/FameOnFire
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FameOnFireBand

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