British Heavy Metal legends Saxon deliver a head banging set of covers with their latest album Inspirations

British Heavy Metal legends Saxon deliver a head banging set of covers with their latest album Inspirations, which drops a brand new 11 track release featuring some of the superb classic rock songs that influenced Biff Byford & the band.

Set for release on March 19th 2021, via Silver Lining Music, Inspirations gets things rolling with the release of Saxon’s crunching take on The Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint It Black’. Biff Byford comments: “Loved this band since I first saw them and heard them. I liked the Beatles, but the Stones appealed to my rebel side; their iconic look… so many great songs, such a great attitude in the music!”

What did ROCK TITAN’s Scotty J think about Inspirations? KEEP SCROLLING!

Paint it Black – It’s an interesting arrangement I’ll say that. The different vocal tracks laid on top of one another make for a unique effect. Biff has some big brass balls taking on this iconic song from one of the worlds most legendary bands.

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Immigrant Song – Once again Biff and company swing for the fences covering Led Zeppelin. I definitely like Byford’s effort here more than with the Stones. I dig the instrumental variations as well.

Paperback Writer – Now this is fun. This is a great rendition of the Beatles. Saxon just puts a great spin on it. Right out of the gate Biff and co do Rolling Stones, Led Zepp, and Beatles. Talk about go big or go home.

Evil Woman – If I didn’t know better I’d swear Ozzy was singing on this track. I love it. Vocals are awesome. All the while the bass, drums, and guitar are spot on and kick ass. I almost don’t know which version I like better. It’s that good. But again this is Sabbath. Man did Saxon swing for the fences on their covers or what?

Stone Free – There’s some vintage Byford rocking out here. His vocals are great. Saxon definitely cover this track well. It’s definitely a song I’d enjoy watching them play live.

Bomber – I’d love to speak with Byford about this song given his friendship with the legendary Lemmy Kilmister. Saxon does Motörhead justice here for sure. Based on a previous conversation I had with Biff, I’m sure he didn’t take covering this song lightly. What I’d give to see back and forth banter between Lemmy and Biff at some English pub. I’ll have to wait until my time expires.

Speed King – Saxon knocks this Deep Purple track out of the park. This has to be one of the better covers on this album for sure. Paul Quinn’s guitars solos are absolutely sick and the Nigel is just throwing down like Animal from the muppets. I love Biff’s chops. With each passing song he seems to sound better? Even though I realize they didn’t do this in one consistent run through.

The Rocker – Yes!!! Thin Lizzy on steroids here. Phenomenal rendition of an all time great.

Hold The Line – Here’s another track Saxon just crushes. I wouldn’t have guessed ToTo to be on Saxon’s radar for a cover? They probably stay true to the original most closely with this track. A classic 80’s rock hit gets a heavy metal smack in the face. Thumbs up for sure.

Problem Child – AC/DC!!! What a magnificent job these Nwobhm godfathers do with this song. I’d LOVE to see Saxon and AC/DC do this song together. How killer would that be? Brian and Biff exchanging licks back and forth along with the rest of the guys! That’s certain to whip any live audience into a frenzy who’s a fan of either or both bands. This was very well re-imagined.

See My Friends – This is just a nice song to wrap this album up with. Biff does have a soulful, lighter, soft side. Brilliant and well done gentlemen. I have to admit I was a little nervous after that Rolling Stones effort. Everything after that was solid and entertaining.

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