HOOKERS & BLOW Release Self-Titled Debut Album

HOOKERS & BLOW originally formed in 2003 as an excuse to drink for free in Hollywood by long-time GUNS N’ ROSES keyboardist Dizzy Reed and QUIET RIOT guitarist Alex Grossi. In that time, the band have developed a legendary status on the famed Hollywood Strip, with some of the biggest names in rock joining them on stage! Now they are finally set to unleash their legacy for all to hear.

After teasing their fan base by releasing 5 singles in the lead up, HOOKERS & BLOW will release their self-titled debut covers album on the 23rd of July digitally, CD & Vinyl to be released on the 13th of August via Golden Robot Records.

Trampled Underfoot

February saw the arrival of the band’s fifth single – a cover of The Zombies’Time Of The Season‘.  HOOKERS & BLOW  previously released covers of David Bowie’s  ‘Ziggy Stardust’,  The Rolling Stones’Rocks Off‘,  Eddie Money’sShakin‘ and  Led Zeppelin’sTrampled Underfoot‘. 

Alex Grossi states, “If you had told me almost two decades ago when Dizzy and I first formed HOOKERS & BLOW that we would have evolved into what we are today, I would have said you were higher than we were, but here we are….”

“This record is really special on many levels,” continues Grossi. ”For us - as well as many of our long-time fans and friends. In many ways, it solidifies that we actually exist as a viable entity with an official and accurate documentation of the past 17 years. This isn’t just a collection of recorded covers, it’s a labor of love that we are truly proud of.

“There it is. Take it.”  says Dizzy Reed. “We made the rock and you all brought the drinks to a thirsty band. This record is for the joy of rock ‘n’ roll music we all share and for the hope of more rock to come. And more drinks, I’m parched.”

Hookers and Blow – A Review by Rock Titan’s Scotty J

Rocks Off – Kicking things off traditional rock and roll style. There’s no mistaking channeling of the Mic! That said they own their own unique sound which I dig. The piano element only enhances their sound that much more. From the first track you will find yourself Hooked and wanting more. Rolling Stones done proud here.

Shakin – Reed shows off some serious vocal chops and the supporting vocals add for full effect. Guitar work here is excellent. That alone should add Hookers and Blow to your catalog. They nailed the original sound of Eddie Money without question.

Trampled Under Foot – Great cover! Of course that’s what H & B is known for. But these guys own it. They don’t try to karaoke it. It’s their own rendition with their distinctive flare. Thumbs up on this version which I haven’t heard done by anyone else if ever.

Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy Stardust – Paying tribute to a legend like Bowie… you’ve got to appreciate it. All the guys (and gal) sound great. Again the piano really makes this unique, but doesn’t take away from the original. I think David would have given a thumbs up.

The Winner Loses – I like the vocal effects personally. There’s enough homage here to the original to want you to stand them up side by side and play them at the same time. I really do like the vocal work. I’d love to see more of an original effort out of this band at some point. The bands they all came from are legendary. Alex kicks ass.

Time of the Season – I LOVE the original by The Zombies! It’s one of my favorite songs of all time. So this effort really had to crush in my opinion. I’ll just say I thought the keyboards were spot on. But there’s just no beating the original in this particular case.

American Girl – H & B must have been thinking go big or go home. Tom Petty is another legend that can’t ever be easy to live up to. I can see this rendition as part of a tv show or movie soundtrack though. A solid wedding band performance.

Godzilla – These guys keep aiming big. I love Blue Oyster Cult and have interviewed both Bouchard Brothers on multiple occasions. I’d love their take on this. The spin H & B puts on this is pretty cool. It’s probably one of my favorite covers. It should be on the soundtrack of the next Godzilla movie.

You Gotta Fight For your Right to Party – I was never the biggest Beastie Boys fan, but I had License To Ill like I think every kid my age had at the time. They should have busted out the surviving members for this one.

Hookers & Blow – Rocks Off

Under My Thumb – Rolling Stones Greatness. With the songs these guys have strung together they would crush the wedding circuit. I do like how these guys added their own sound to this without detracting from the original. Reed does a really solid Mic Jagger. Imagine if Richards and Jagger came out on stage when H & B was playing this? Heads would explode.

No Quarter – I do love the opening guitar effects here. Then there’s this synthesized harmonica sound. Pretty dope. This may be my favorite cover of the album. Sounds like A Perfect Circle, who are one of my favorite bands. Keyboards are off the charts here. Alex lends his own kick ass solo action. Big thumbs up from Scotty J here. This is an awesome Led Zep cover.

Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting – What a fun and uplifting way to conclude this with an Elton John cover. Again it would be so cool to see Elton John rock out with these guys. There’s a cool punk rock like vibe to this, which again pays homage and doesn’t offend at the same time.


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