Ded singer Joe Cotela discusses Anti-Everything and their blitzkrieg of success with Rock Titan TV

Ded singer Joe Cotela
Ded Official Music Video "Anti-Everything"

Metal is not dead. Music TV is not dead. The band Ded is a big part of the reason why! Blasting on to the music scene like a bat out of hell just a couple of years ago, Ded has experienced success and respect that takes most bands years to attain. Despite Ded’s paramount attention, they take nothing for granted as they exercise humility with all their much deserved accolades. With the success of their first single “FMFY”, Ded quickly followed up with the hit “Anti-Everything”. The Official Music Video for “Anti-Everything” was directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Now preparing to go on tour with Korn, Ded has an aggressive schedule including Rocklahoma and Chicago Open Air festival. If this doesn’t tell you Ded is a band to pay attention to, then maybe you are!

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