Mike Orlando’s NEW band “Her Chariot Awaits” is a sensation!

Her Chariot Awaits is a brand new hard rock/metal band featuring the very well respected Spanish vocalist Ailyn (ex-Sirenia) and iconic guitarist Mike Orlando from Adrenaline Mob. The band’s self-titled debut is being released on May 22, 2020 via Frontiers Music Srl.

To say this maiden launch by HCA is anything short of AMAZING would be an understatement! While Frontiers was responsible for putting this group of musicians together just for this project, you’d think they had been playing together forever. In speaking with Mike Orlando about his feelings on this new band, it’s easy to understand why he’s excited about the prospects for the future.

See the entire interview below between Scotty J and Mike Orlando, so that you can have a greater appreciation for Her Chariot Awaits. There’s also a full review of this new album, which you are highly encouraged to check out!

Mike Orlando and Scotty J discuss Her Chariot Awaits!

Some errant thoughts on HER CHARIOT AWAITS by Scotty J

Misery – Great way to start off a debut album! Fast, hard hitting, guitar ripping, and in your face. Ailyn’s voice immediately impresses. Orlando is just a master on guitar. I could understand his excitement about this new project!

Dead & Gone – Very cool official music video. Mike had some fun stories about making it. See interview. I can easily see HCA becoming one of the most popular female fronted bands in metal. Interestingly, this song was personal for Orlando’s girlfriend. It was written based on a letter to her father.

Her Chariot Awaits – “Dead & Gone”

Screaming Misfire – Only three songs in and you’re left wanting more. Frontiers putting this group of musicians together was a brilliant move!

Stolen Heart – All I can say is thank god Mike Orlando is still with us. The man flat out wails. While I’d never heard of Ailyn prior to this album, I’m definitely a fan. Her voice is mesmerizing.

Constant Craving – A K.D. Lang cover? I love what HCA did with this. Mike, surprisingly enough, is the one who chose this song. The reason as to why is discussed in the featured interview.

Say No – This is more like “Say YES” to this band not being some one off project, and make more music! Her Chariot Awaits unquestionably has a successful future waiting to be realized.

Line Of Fire – Definitely the longest musical intro on the album. It’s easy to understand Orlando’s enthusiasm with regard to Thal on drums. This entire group works incredibly well together considering they all basically just met to create this debut marvel.

Turning The Page – You definitely get some vintage Mike Orlando guitar work here. Finally we get the taste of some backing vocals too! Dig it.

Her Chariot Awaits – “Take Me Higher”

Take Me Higher – Another great official music video shot in NYC at the same time as Dead & Gone. It is wild seeing Orlando jamming in the middle of a deserted NYC street! Who would even think that was possible? Once again Ailyn’s vocals are pretty fantastic, and Mike’s backing vocals add for a nice mix.

Just Remember – Given the fast pace of this album, I wondered if a slow song would ever present itself? Well here you go. Orlando show off his incredible shredding skills for an awesome guitar solo mid way through. Ailyn hits notes that boggle the mind. Her range is truly something special.

Forgive Me Dear – Great way to wrap up a phenomenal debut effort by Her Chariot Awaits! Not a bad track on this album. This final track solidifies the disbelief that these guys haven’t been playing together for years. HCA is a grouping of truly impressive professional musicians.

Mike Orlando – guitars, bass, additional vocals
Ailyn – lead vocals
Jeff Thal – drums
Brian Gearty – bass

Written, produced & mixed by Mike Orlando

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This album gets a rare 5 stars by ROCK TITAN!

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