Legendary Blue Öyster Cult Bassist Joe Bouchard has NEW Solo Album ‘Strange Legends’

For the last two years, Joe Bouchard has worked tirelessly on his 6th and best solo album ‘Strange Legends’. For the production of this album he enlisted the help of Micky Curry, a drumming powerhouse, who has played with Hall and Oates, Alice Cooper and more. He is currently the drummer for Bryan Adams, playing on all of his big hits. He has over 40 gold records in his archives.

Joe Bouchard with Scotty J on Rock Titan Live

Several of the songs were written by Joe Bouchard and lyricist/sci-fi writer John Shirley. John Shirley is a long-time lyricist for Blue Öyster Cult, and has written dozens of sci-fi novels. He was the co-screenwriter for ‘The Crow,’ starring Brandon Lee. Other songs on the album were written by the late John Elwood Cook, a very prolific songwriter, who wrote many songs on Joe’s earlier solo albums. Joe’s album also includes a cover of Ray Davies and the Kinks’ “All Day and All of the Night.”

Scotty J’s errant thoughts on Joe Bouchard’s ‘Strange Legends’

The African Queen – I love it! Joe’s guitar playing is definitely not secondary to his bass playing. He’s got a great singing voice too. This definitely has an old school rock n roll sound I thoroughly enjoy. At times you almost sense Neil Young!

Forget About Love – There is something Blue Öyster Cultish about this. Go figure? Joe has definitely aged like a fine wine. This track has a fun and funky groove. Check out the official music video.

Walk of Fame – Joe’s voice truly is impressive and his guitar playing just rocks. Walk of Fame is a great song today and likely would have been a huge hit in the 20th century before digital distribution destroyed musicians revenue streams. Again, you detect Bouchard’s vintage BOC sound.

She’s a Legend Joe Bouchard (Official Video) from STRANGE LEGENDS

Hit and Run – After listening to this the whole way through, Joe definitely deserves more recognition as a guitarist. I’d heard Joe left BOC because he wanted to pursue playing guitar vs being stuck on Bass. Hearing Bouchard on 6 strings, it’s easy to understand why he felt that way.

Racin’ Thru the Desert – No vocals. Just Joe jammin away. It’s cool.

She’s a Legend – This song has a cool back story. Joe goes into detail in our interview (see above). I really dig the addition of the sax here. There’s a very different sound and style with this song vs anything else on Strange Legends.

All Day and All of the Night – Check out this cover?! You go Joe! Nicely done rendition of an absolute classic.

Once Upon a Time at the Border – This is definitely one of my favorite songs on Strange Legends. Joe really has a great singing voice. As I mentioned earlier it’s impossible to listen to him and not think Neil Young and maybe even a touch of Bowie and Clapton here. I kid you not!

Forget About Love Joe Bouchard (Official Video) from STRANGE LEGENDS

Bottom for the Bottomless – After hearing this song you will undoubtedly be wanting to see Bouchard live as much as I do. He’s just a great songwriter. Joe deserves major kudos for this album.

Strangely in Love – Nice love song out of Bouchard here. Have I said how much I enjoy Joe’s guitar playing yet? I really believe you will too. The sliding guitar elements are a particularly nice touch.

Winter – Great way to wrap up this gem of an album. If your a fan of classic Rock and Roll you’re simply going to love this. There’s a very “The Who” feel about this. Bouchard does justice to his music era in a big way.

If you’re an old school Blue Öyster Cult fan you’re going to love Strange Legends by Joe Bouchard plain and simple. This is just a solid album top to bottom. Between Joe’s great personality and sensational skills as a musician, I really hope he gets to perform on stage with this material sooner than later.

Get your copy here: https://www.joebouchard.com/

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