VEIO proves the best is yet to come with VITRUVIAN

VEIO released their sophomore album “Vitruvian” 6/19/2020. Based on the famous DaVinci sketch, it’s a likewise masterpiece from this band out of Portland, OR. Following up from “Infinite Light/Desperate Shadows”, it’s a sad shame that VEIO won’t be able to support this album with the same level of touring. What does ROCK TITAN think about Vitruvian?

Cam Byrd & Scotty J on ROCK TITAN LIVE

Flare of Defiance – This previously released single comes out hitting you right in the face. It’s very mainstream and commercial friendly. There’s no problem understanding why the second album is already getting solid attention.

Ascendancy – A song that definitely possesses a big arena sound. This track has all the makings of a song destined for the soundtrack for a hit movie or tv show.

Crux – Yet another track getting lots of new attention. VEIO has proved to have a very polished sound worthy of a significant fan base. It’s got to be crushing the concert season has received the heisman.

Veio – Flare of Defiance (Official Video)

Miseria – There’s a Breaking Benjamin sounds about this particular track? It’s definitely one of the longer songs, but never loses your attention.

Penumbra – No question Cam’s got solid vocal skills. He rocks out on guitar to boot. This has a strong commercial appeal. As with “Flare of Defiance”, I can see this track getting popular Spotify attention.

The Scavenger – An interesting and short instrumental. I’ve been hearing more such tracks these days. Very much a sound track type effect for the silver screen.

Dolos – 7 songs through this album and I haven’t grown tired of it yet. This track continues to compliment this sophomore effort from VEIO. You’re definite wanting to see these guys support this album from the tour trail.

Veio – Crux (Official Video)

Pariahs – The title of this song immediately had my curiosity. It’s a longer track at just over 6 minutes. To me this song seemed like it could have been heavier. If this became an official music video, I’d want to see Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts featured.

Centauri – Get your attention span ready for this track! I kept waiting for something that might remind me of The Last Starfighter. The beginning of the song had me concerned VEIO might end the album on a soft note. Like I eluded to patience before, the harder attitude of VEIO rears its head quickly enough. This song definitely has newer generation appeal. Many elements of VEIO’s distinct sound are represented and ultimately conclude the album in style.

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