MANTRIC releases first new music in 5 years with False Negative

Mantric are a rock band from Oslo, Norway who epitomize what it is to be a brotherhood. Bandmates Tor, Ole, and John have been in 3 different bands together spanning 30 years. They began their career in the band Lengsel at the height of the black metal era, then played in the millennium death metal band Extol, until finally regrouping as Mantric in 2007.

Mantric released their debut album Descent in 2010, followed by Sin in 2015. Their latest effort, False Negative, expands the metal genre while maintaining its grit, incorporating synths and cleaner vocals with aggressive instrumentation.

Scotty J speaks with Ole from Norway via Skype

Errant thoughts by Scotty J on “False Negative”

Polyanna – If you’re thinking this is about giving out gifts and Christmas think again. You immediately get Mantric’s strong progressive metal identity. Norway is a hotbed of metal these days and Mantric needs to be in the conversation of some great Scandinavian metal exports.

Itching Soul – The fact Ole, Tor, and John have been together 30 years is apparent. “Itching Souls” is an evolution of sound they’ve had from Lengsel to Extol to Mantric. If these guys were able to focus on music vs day jobs and family I can only imagine what a force these guys would be in the music scene.

Queen Fatigue – This song is a complete change of pace and sound. Definitely reminiscent of their earlier work together.

Mantric – Polyanna

Norwegian Dastard – The beginning piano solo really grabbed me. Then the heavy bass line kicked in. A slower paced ballad of sorts shows the diversity of Mantric and the “False Negative” album as a whole.

Blame the Beggar – The pace immediate picks up with Blame The Beggar. This has a very 80’s Alt Rock feel. I was caught by surprise. It seems out of place with the other tracks to this point. The synth sound just isn’t my thing. But if you’re into it, then you’ll dig this.

Dawn – No joke! I got a very Tool / A Perfect Circle feel from this song. Probably my favorite track on False Negative so far.

The Towering Mountain – This is a single pre-dating the release of False Negative. It’s a sound that encompasses much more of Mantric’s over all sound. There is a punk feel I kinda dig. This may… dare I say be mosh pit worthy.

Mantric – The Towering Mountain

Everyday is Independence Day – Well done! I’d put this song in the same category with “Dawn”. We as a fan base need to do more to empower the guys in Mantric to focus on their music.

Darling Demon – Whoah! Wait! What?! For all those waiting for some real intense hard sound and wondering if and when it would come, Darling Demon is a haymaker in the form of a sucker punch. But it’s a sucker punch you won’t resent.

Starmonger – By far the longest song coming in over 8 minutes. Starmonger possesses a sound unique from anything else on “False Negative”. The vocals and complimenting chorus are fantastic. Honestly it’s just a perfect conclusion to an album you’ve waited 5 years for. Waiting another 5 years for Mantric to release new music should be deemed unacceptable.

Check out False Negative by Mantric today!

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