HAVOK displays some foreshadowing ability with NEW release “V”

Ever since Rock Titan first caught up with HAVOK some years back, as they opened for Soulfly, we were hooked! The feature of the night was metal juggernaut Max Cavalera, best known for his being the frontman of Sepultura. We were equally as thrilled to witness the shredding prowess of Marc Rizzo. But, before any of that happened, Rock Titan was introduced to relatively unknown HAVOK. Since that time, these midwest based rockers have released a few new albums. The most recent being “V”, and it is a beauty! Get prepared for some serious whiplash and look forward to seeing these guys live once the corona dust settles.

Havok frontman David Sanchez interview with Rock Titan

Some errant thoughts on Havok’s “V” by Scotty J

Post Truth Era – Way to kick off “V”! Fast and furious as any thrash album should be. David sounds great as do all the guys. Love the lyrics! This song shares a sentiment that is all too relevant today.

Fear Campaign – Wow! Back to back gems right here. Guitar playing is just sick. As with Post Truth Era there’s a dominant theme. This could definitely be the anthem to any “Don’t Tread On Me” movement. Havok sets the bar high on these first two tracks.

Betrayed By Technology – I love the prominence of the bass here. Havok continues to show why they should be considered one of the best metal bands today. This song should be in a Terminator sound track if there is another one. Perhaps the next Matrix movie? This song would definitely be an awesome fit.

HAVOK – Post-Truth Era (Lyric Video)

Ritual of The Mind – I love how this song kicks off like a gallop into battle! This track has a great classic metal sound. There’s something very old school Metallicaesque about this. If you’re an anti-establishment type then you will love what Havok has done with “V”.

Interface With The Infinite – While we’re only half way through the album at this point, “V” should be in the conversation for a Grammy for best metal album. This is definitely some of Havok’s best work.

Dab Tsog – A short and peculiar song. No lyrics. I had to look up Dab Tsog. Pretty cool. I wonder if this was influenced from Havok’s Asian travels?

Phantom Force – This song takes you 0-100mph in under 5 seconds. You take off so fast you’re liable to get whiplash. This was one of Havok’s early singles and gives you a good taste of what to expect throughout “V”.


Cosmetic Surgery – A complete band effort here. Bass, guitars, and drums are all off the hook. The band providing backing vocals is also a nice touch. Great guitar solo! David is definitely one of the best thrash metal frontmen in the game.

Panpsychism – Well I didn’t see the acoustic guitars coming and I love it! Nice way to mix things up. No sooner does Havok return you to brutally heavy riffs. This is definitely a cool change of pace track. That said your by no means deprived of a few cool solos sprinkled in.

Merchants of Death – This would actually make a cool band name ya think? This song absolutely rules and maybe my favorite track. You get a dose of everything that makes Havok what they are.

Don’t Do It – Kicking of with a most ominous tone, it’s as if the end is being signaled. How appropriate being the last song on “V”. The arrangement is perfect. Start to finish this is an awesome release by Havok! I have no choice but to give this a rating 5 out of 5 by Rock Titan.

Go Grab Havok “V” at http://havokband.com/

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