Napalm Death Guitarist Mitch Harris Shows Off His Vocals With Brave The Cold

Chemistry is everything and mixing elements together can make something explosive. Mitch Harris steps away from Napalm Death to bring you BRAVE THE COLD – his own personal Molotov of deadly, powerful metal. Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, ex-Soilwork) joins on drums in the true spirit of the hardcore underground across 11 tracks of sinister sonic booms played at pandemic speeds. The concoction Harris and Verbeuren have created is Scarcity, produced by legendary guitarist/producer Logan Mader (Machine Head, Soulfly). What exactly did Rock Titan’s Scotty J think of this debut effort? See Below!!!

Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris has NEW band Brave The Cold

Errant thoughts on Brave The Cold Debut Album “Scarcity” by Rock Titan’s Scotty J

Blind Eye – Awesome way to kick off this new collaborative effort between Mitch and Dirk. These guys play fast, intense, and just flat out thrown down! You must check out the new music video for this. Very cool.

Hallmark of Tyranny – Mitch goes with a deeper tone here verses many of his other tracks where there’s a distinctively higher pitch to his voice. One thing is for sure and that’s that these guys wail! Having listened to this album the whole way through a couple times, it’s probably my favorite track.

Brave The Cold – Blind Eye (Official Music Video)

Monotheist – Mitch’s combination of guitar playing and vocals is pretty sweet! Brave The Cold has their own distinct sound in a vast arena of this genre. If you’re a fan of Dirk and Mitch’s other work, then you’re guaranteed to love this!

Retrograde – Fast and furious metal! Mitch combines both high pitched shrieks with more melodic vocals. This is by far one of the more varied metal compositions I’ve heard.

Apparatus – I’m left wondering if Mitch is handing all the vocals? It definitely sounds like multiple vocalists. The fact this is just Mitch and Dirk is impressive. Mitch does address this in our conversation.

Brave The Cold – Hallmark Of Tyranny (Official Music Video)

Dead Feed – There’s a noticeable layering of vocal. I’m no technician, but this is a wild mix. The Gregorian chant is a wild effect that fits well. Kudos to the producer.

Upheaval – I find myself floored this is a two piece. The feeling of pent up aggression is palpable. This truly is a new sound that neither Dirk or Mitch have created in their other bands. The high pitched howling combined with more melodic vocals is a wild mix. Mitch sounds like he’s being tortured to death.

Refuge – I’m hoping to get some solid explanation from Mitch on how this all went together. How did Dirk and Mitch coordinate this? I will say I like the vocal work on this track more so than anything I’ve heard to far.

Necromatrix – Dare I say these guys channeled their inner Motörhead? I feel like Mitch definitely went Lemmy at multiple points. Mitch tears it up on guitar and bass to boot.

Shallow Depth – Dirk is playing out of his mind! There’s definitely a strong thrash metal influence felt here.

Shame and Ridicule – I’ll say this about Mitch, if he ever wanted a career in voice acting he’s got it! Has anyone ever seen Spider Man and His Amazing Friends back in the day? Mitch sounds just like one of the main villains with that singing voice of his.

Mission Two Entertainment Welcomes Brave The Cold

Brave The Cold definitely has a future. Hopefully Mitch and Dirk decide to do more together, because it’s an excellent departure from anything they’ve done separately.

BRAVE THE COLD’s glitchy, byzantine death metal doesn’t just shift gears – it whips, stutters and jumps sideways into heavyweight dimensions. The entire Scarcity theme is a well-researched, scenic debate combining Dystopian views ranging from Anti-Elite, Anti-Media, Anti-Division, Anti-Oppression, End of Days Philosophies, Post-Apocalyptic Poetry, Mind Control, Economic Instability, Educational Infiltration and Global Political Deceit that compromises our spirituality of ONE COLLECTIVE VOICE. This is a global agenda that was a long time coming. It’s a reflection on how the government can create urgency out of necessity.


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