Diamond Rexx makes their return after a long hiatus with Psych Ward

Back in the days of MTV Glam and Hair Metal, Motley Crue was running wild in L.A., and four guys from the mean streets of Chicago united and took the city by storm. Diamond Rexx was formed in 1985 by founding members Nasti Habits (vocals) and S.S. (guitars). They were solidified with the addition of Andre (bass) and Johnny Cottone (drums).

After a long hiatus, Diamond Rexx got back in the studio in 2019 to record their new album “Psych Ward”. This is the first time that the original line up of Nasti, S.S., Andre, and Cottone have recorded together since their debut. The band was actually rehearsing to go into the studio to cut another demo and realized it was way too long since they had released a full length album, plus their fans were anxious and demanding more.

Nasti Habits shows Diamond Rexx is back with Psych Ward

Watch the ROCK TITAN LIVE podcast to see Nasti Habits explain the Diamond Rexx story to Scotty J! Scroll down for a full album review of Psych Ward, including some tracks from the album.

Errant Thoughts by Scotty J on the NEW Album by Diamond Rexx, Psych Ward

Love Is Pain – This is what happens when you get the old band back together again. It’s like they didn’t miss a beat. It’s impossible not to think what they could have accomplished?

Diamond Rexx – Love is Pain

Teenage Refugee – Here’s that strong punk rock infusion with metal again. Nasti Habits is definitely on his A game. My question is can this sound and this band reach the new generation? No doubt my generation is loving it.

Ride – This is a seriously talented group of musicians. Can these guys recapture the magic they once experienced in their early glory days? S.S. wails on guitar! If these guys took their act to Europe they’d be huge.

Ur Everything – Here’s that epic 80’s ballad type of metal song. It’s like they went into cryostasis in 1988, got reanimated, and said where’d everybody go? I’m sure Bret Michaels has wondered the same thing.

Psych Ward – Title track time! We’ve now heard the story of how this album got its name (see podcast). I get it. It’s dark. The lyrics reflect the mentality of someone clearly losing it or they’ve already completely lost it. The music writing is very solid. These guys, each one on their own, could have played with anyone from their class.

Diamond Rexx – Psych Ward

Want It All – This is the sound and lyrics from guys that have been there done that. They honestly sound so polished you’d swear these guys were on a studio album somewhere in the teens by now.

That’s Alright – Nasti Habits has a pronounced presence about him no doubt. His lyrics are such there’s no way he could ever deliver a stoic performance. I’m starting to think of him as a tragic hero in his own story.

Pain – I’m listening to this song. But for some reason Judas Priest’s “You’ve got another thing comin” is playing in my head? If that happens to you please leave your comments on this post.

Under The Gun – S.S. can tear it up no joke. This track is just further evidence of how these guys could have easily dominated the LA scene of the 80’s. I’m finding myself hopeful these guys get out and tour once the opportunity presents itself.

Forever – No great thing lasts forever. Things can start out strong, die off, and come back. Some things flat out flame out. Then there’s those bands that cling to life support leveraging the oxygen provide from previous success. Diamond Rexx is back after a long hiatus. I find myself wondering if they can recapture the glory days?

Dead – If it’s one thing Diamond Rexx proves here is that they’re not dead. On the contrary they’ve got lots of fuel left in the tank. They have a sound I’ve always enjoyed. It really doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t understand why? I’m hopeful this music is resurrected in a new generation.

Diamond Rexx – Dead

Ace of Spades – What! Ok… you gonna go with a legendary song by a legendary band by a legendary frontman you better nail it! Lemmy is still undoubtedly missed by many. Motörhead is one of the greatest metal bands of all time. But dude… wow does Diamond Rexx nail this. Nasty does Lemmy better than anything I’ve ever heard. It’s actually scary. Well done.

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