Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe WINS rally over Westboro Baptist Church

Photos and Interview by Out With Ambler

Westboro Baptist Church has become notorious for using religion as an instrument of hate and intolerance. Lamb of God frontman, Randy Blythe, was having none of it. Fortunately for Rock Titan Music Television, Ambler Irby of “Out With Ambler”, was equally as passionate about capturing the action.

Out With Ambler interviews Randy Blythe

When Randy Blythe learned of Westboro’s plans to protest of Danica Roem’s election in Richmond, he quickly mobilized a “counter-party” that would overshadow the Church’s intentions. Comparing the crowd that Westboro Baptist assembled vs. that of Blythe’s was laughable. Equally as satisfying was the manner of behavior displayed by those assembling in support of Danica Roem. There was no screaming. No violence. No displays of hatred or negative propaganda. This was a quickly organized display of love and tolerance.

Randy Blythe shows up Westboro Baptist Church

Kudos Randy Blythe, and cheers to all the supporters that showed up to rally against the negativity of Westboro Baptist Church in Richmond, VA.

Photo Gallery by Out With Ambler

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