Skeletal Remains delivers most BRUTAL music to date with ‘The Entombment of Chaos’

California death metal force Skeletal Remains will release their fourth studio album, The Entombment Of Chaos on September 11th via Century Media. Skeletal Remains pledge allegiance to classic, headbanging, horns up death metal! The artwork for The Entombment Of Chaos was created by British artist Dan Seagrave while the album was mixed and mastered by Swedish record producer Dan Swanö.

Influenced by the death metal legends of the late 80’s and early 90’s, Skeletal Remains have been inspired by the likes of Pestilence, early Gorguts, Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Disincarnate, Cannibal Corpse and Monstrosity.

So what does Rock Titan think of this album? Scroll down!

Skeletal Remains Interview

Errant thoughts on The Entombment of Chaos – A Rock Titan Review by Scotty J

Cosmic Chasm – This is a very mysterious intro. You’d never believe you were about to listen to some brutal death metal.

Illusive Divinity – You’re immediately propelled into warp speed with rip roaring drums, blazing guitar, and Chris’s furious growl. We were warned this was going to be brutal. That’s not a lie.

SKELETAL REMAINS – Illusive Divinity

Congregation of Flesh – Lyrics are brought to life in the most excellent official music video. The is absolutely haunting and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. It is clear Skeletal Remains is establishing themselves as a Death Metal power house. Nice guitar solo work by Mike 2/3 of the way through.

Synthetic Impulse – Anyone’s adrenaline racing yet? These guys are fast and furious. Charlie is simply out of his mind. It forces one to wonder how many years can a musician match such a performance. This guitarist is sick to boot.

Tombs of Chaos – So here we go with the tribute to the album title. This is a nice change of pace from the earlier tracks. I respect the variation. That said there’s no lacking for a heavy sound. I really love the guitar arrangements here.


Enshrined in Agony – Tombs of Chaos flows seamlessly into this track. The way this starts off is pretty awesome. This sound is mesmerizing. A classical guitar riff morphed into metal. Just a really cool instrumental piece.

Dissectasty – Another gloriously horrifying music video brings visual life to the lyrics. You might honestly consider this a sequel to the other song/video.

Tortuous Ways To Obliteration – If this song title doesn’t have your immediate attention and curiosity peeked, then there’s just no pleasing you. This song just further establishes Skeletal Remains as one of the more prominent Death Metal bands on the rise. There’s just very little if any fault to be found with these guys on this album.

Eternal Hatred – This is an incredibly strong sentiment. It’s also one of the longer tracks. Surprisingly it’s an extremely slow paced song vs what you might naturally expect from all preceding tracks. But I appreciate the variation. These guys are no one trick pony.

SKELETAL REMAINS – Congregation of Flesh

Unfurling The Casket – We return to speed! I really dig the guitar effects being used. Mike can really jam. Chris has got to be commanding some serious respect amongst his peers by now.

Stench of Paradise Burning – Chris May be a Death Metal frontman, but he’s also a poet. These song titles are very creative. You have to appreciate an album that finishes strong. There’s nothing out of place here. It definitely leaves you wanting for more. This album is complete top to bottom.

Chris Monroy — Vocals/guitars
Mike De La O — Guitars
Noah Young — Bass
Charlie Koryn — Drums

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