In Latin, ‘Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum‘ means “If You Want Peace, Prepare for War“. It’s the first new record from Seether since ‘Poison The Parish‘. It has been driven by early singles “Dangerous” and “Bruised & Bloodied” that have continued to climb Billboard’s Hot Hard Rock Songs Chart.

The band is joined on the album by newest member, Corey Lowery (brother of Sevendust’s Clint Lowery), and Morgan’s friend of 16 years. Lowery also assistant-engineered the album. Seether’s rock-solid rhythm section is bassist and founding member Dale Stewart, and drummer John Humphrey (who joined in 2003). So what exactly does Rock Titan’s Scotty J think about this effort by Seether?

Errant thoughts by Scotty J – An Rock Titan Review of ‘Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum’ by Seether

Dead and Gone – Welcome to the band Corey Lowery! Seether comes swinging right out of the gate. Surprisingly hard core for an opening track from a band like this. I love Shaun’s attitude.

Bruised and Bloodied – I am absolutely loving the mood of this album so far. Having been familiar with Corey on Bass from other bands, he slides right in on guitar in style. He and his brother Clint both rock! Shaun is on his “A” game.

Wasteland – This is a song that is more familiar to me as signature Seether. I can definitely see this track being a successful single.

Dangerous – At this point I’m noticing a markedly different sound from Seether vs what I’ve heard in the past and I love it. It would seem these guys never quite shot for the headliner stays. But if they wanted to they could. I’m really digging the song writing.

Seether – Dangerous

Liar – Immediately the guitar has captured me. There’s some new personnel but Seether has done a great job in making the transition seamless.

Can’t Go Wrong – Shaun really does have one of the best voices in the business. I appreciate the uniqueness because you just know it’s him. There is no one else he can be confused with. Prove me wrong. The addition of backing vocals on this track is also very solid.

Buried in the Sand – Right on! I love the lower notes and the prominence of the bass here. My favorite song of this album at this point. Great song writing again. This is an awesome follow up to the previous album. 2020 has been such a messed up year, but I am officially giving my Grammy nod to Seether. This album must be in the conversation.

Seether – Failure

Let it Go – 8 tracks into this new album and I have yet to be disappointed. Of all the LP’s I’ve digested, this is among the most robust at 13 songs. Dare I say Seether is aging like a fine wine.

Failure – This is definitely one of the darker songs on the album. “I live my life like a broken hearted failure”. Hopefully a passionate fan doesn’t get too lost in the words. It is lyrical poetry after all.

Beg – The crunching riffs are absolutely awesome with Beg! This is on the border line of straight up heavy metal. This song will get your head banging without a doubt! Shaun sings angry and it works big time.

Seether – Beg

Drift Away – I’m immediately struck by the perfectly complimentary backing vocals. This is very well arranged. The bass solo leading into the guitar solo is a great touch. This is a very well composed song with multiple moving parts.

Pride Before The Fall – For all the Seether loyalists, there’s just something harder about this album vs vintage Seether. Am I wrong? Leave you comments because I’d love your thoughts.

Written in Stone – I’m note sure I’ve heard acoustic guitar on this album yet? Finishing with a slow song on such an otherwise aggressive record is not what I expected. I might have thrown this track somewhere in the middle. But I’m not complaining. The incredible diversity of Seether is on full display throughout this album. Emotions will range all over the map.

Wow! I’m giving this a stone cold 9 out of 10. Definitely one of my favorite Seether albums top to bottom. Lowery is awesome. He definitely brings new flavor that simply enhances the Seether brand! I can’t wait to see these guys live once again.

Photo Courtesy of Fantasy Records

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