George Lynch Adds NEW Flare to Lynch Mob Debut “Wicked Sensation”

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since Lynch Mob debuted ‘Wicked Sensation’. Anyone who was a fan of George Lynch during the Dokken years would have easily fallen in love with this album. For something that was so great, why would anyone dare to change it? Well, that’s what artistry is all about. What a musician decides to do with their music should be no one else’s decision but their own. With that, you now have ‘Wicked Sensation Reimagined’ which features re-worked and re-recorded versions of their classic songs and is available via Rat Pak Records. The twelve-track album, originally released in October 1990, is considered by many to be sacred and perfect the way it was. The idea of recording it was not something Oni Logan or George Lynch took lightly. What were Rock Titan’s thoughts on this? Scotty J breaks it all down below.

George Lynch interview – The thoughts behind Wicked Sensation reimagined after 30 years

Errant thoughts on ‘Wicked Sensation Reimagined’ by Scotty J – A Rock Titan Review

Wicked Sensation – Got to love how this track kicks off with Oni referencing the original release date at the onset. No question Lynch threw a very different funky groove in with his guitar. Tichy takes over on drums for Mick Brown, and it makes sense given his experience with the band.

River of Love – I love the southern rock style thrown into this rendition. Oni really does sound great. If you watch the featured interview with Lynch (above), he indicates just how much better Oni sounds now vs. 1990. No matter what time it is you got to love Lynch solos! He’s just the man.

Sweet Sister Mercy – How about the way Lynch just attacks this song at the onset? They’ve definitely taken an a great metal album and went rock and roll with it! You can feel they’re really having fun.

All I want – Imagine walking into a Texas saloon and a cool swanky songs kicks off. That would be this song right here. Lynch putting his slide guitar skills on full display. He abuses that wah pedal a bit too. I like Oni’s singing style on this a lot. Dare I say I’m starting to like this more than the original.

Hell Child – Tichy makes his presence known early here. Not difficult to understand why Lynch enlisted his services yet again with Brown in retirement.

Lynch Mob “Hellchild (Reimagined)”

She’s So Evil – Awe man! I loved this song in 1990. But, again Lynch Mob takes this on with new vigor. George flat out rocks to no ones surprise. No question Oni just sounds better now.

Dance of The Dogs – I dig the lead in with the bass. This is another track I like better than the original. It definitely has a very “today” feel. Lynch, I think, is just is that special sauce with anything where he’s involved.

Rain – No matter what variations are thrown at this song, I just like the lyrics. Who is she? I should have asked that question. If anyone knows, leave your suspicions in the comments.

No Bed of Roses – So this may be the first track where I actually like the original far better. It is what it is. For what it’s worth I hate that saying. But sometimes it’s the only thing that fits.

Lynch Mob “Wicked Sensation (Reimagined)”

Through These Eyes – I do LOVE Lynch’s work on acoustic guitar! Oni sounds awesome. Tell me I’m wrong! This is another great song from the mind of its creator.

For A Million Years – You can literally own both versions of Wicked Sensation and feel like you have two different albums. This was a cool idea to do the “reimagined”. At this point I’m actually feeling sad I won’t hear these guys again.

Street Fightin’ Man – Cool way to wrap up this reimagining of a 30 year old classic. They brought the funk and I do love me some funk. The creative liberties these guys took really paid off. Lynch goes off on a tear to wrap things up here. Awesome stuff.

Lynch said it best. This album is the perfect send off for Lynch Mob. Wrapped in a big bow, the political correctness of the times has dictated its end. While this mob will be no more I’d like to hear Oni and Lynch team up again at some point.

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