Dirty Shirley features Dino Jelusic, George Lynch, and Will Hunt in an amazing collaboration!

Dirty Shirley – “Here Comes The King”

Dirty Shirley – “Dirty Blues”

Dirty Shirley featuring Dino Jelusic, George Lynch, and Will Hunt ROCKS

Dino Jelusick / Dirty Shirley – Higher

Review & Interview by Scotty J

Dino Jelusic may have a baby face, but his voice is way beyond his years. Dirty Shirley kicks off their debut album with “Here Comes The King”. Dino sounds eerily like the legendary Ronnie James Dio and embraces the comparison. George Lynch, with his white hair, may resemble more of a Jedi master then a man in his prime. But, he sounds as though he’s rediscovered himself yet again in this new project. Check out the official music video and judge for yourself.

Hailing from Croatia, visas are undoubtedly tuff to come by. But the metal gods must find a way to get Dino to the states for an extended day to tour. With this being Dirty Shirley’s debut album, they’d be unlikely to be more than an opener. But there isn’t a band in all the land that wouldn’t be insane for wanting them to join their tour trail. Just one more album and they’d be filling arenas! Yes they are that good.

You can bet that a drummer like Will Hunt is in all his glory. He’s been around the block, and while I don’t have first hand knowledge, I’d be willing to bet he’d say this is some of the hardest stuff he ever played. For established guys like George and Will, this has got to be a blast. I wish I was in the room when they heard Dino for the first time. Their response had to be something along the lines of “are you kidding me?”.

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