VJ Scotty J talks to the Steel Prophet Steve Kachinsky on Rock Titan TV

Steel Prophet: The Tree of Knowledge
Steel Prophet - Official Music Video "The Tree of Knowledge"

All bands dream of getting picket up by a record label. Few musicians ever reach that goal. For Steel Prophet guitarist Steve Kachinsky, that mission became a reality. Throughout the late ’80s and into the ’90s, Steel Prophet garnered high praise for their Power Metal chops. Heading into the 21 century this band, formed in Middletown Connecticut, found themselves signed by Nuclear Blast Records. Steel Prophet would then go on to record 5 more albums with that label. As of today, the band is still going strong writing new material for their metal head fans around the world. In this interview Scotty J and Steve get right down to what’s kept Steel Prophet going and what lies ahead.

Special thanks to Pure Steel Records.

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