The Ultimate Metal Frontman Sean Peck updates VJ Scotty J on touring with Denner/Shermann and Cage

Skyping with Rock Titan VJ Scotty J

Heavy Metal Vocalist Sean Peck
Sean Peck of Denner/Shermann in Official Music Video "Son of Satan"

Sean Peck has a voice that separates him from any other vocalist in Heavy Metal… except for maybe Rob Halford. How’s that for exclusive company? Peck brings a stage performance that few could dream of replicating. It’s no wonder that Michael Denner and Hank Shermann, two guitar legends, tagged him as the singer for their band Denner/Shermann in an effort to replicate the success achieved with Mercyful Fate.

Finding instant success with Denner/Shermann, Peck passionately and dutifully divides his time with his other bands Cage and Death Dealer. Always dawning his black leather trench coat on stage, Sean hits notes that would strain if not rupture most singers vocal chords. As he prepares to hit the road with Cage and Denner/Shermann once again, legions of fans across the globe should prepare to be thoroughly entertained. Check out this conversation between Sean Peck and Rock Titan VJ Scotty J to get the inside scoop on what’s in store for the summer of 2017!

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