Theory Of A Deadman new album ‘Dinosaur’ – A Rock Titan Review

We live in challenging times early in the 21st century.  Maybe more so than anytime in our history?  One thing is for sure and that is people idolize celebrities, athletes, and rock stars.  You just have to hope that these influencers are worthy of the attention.  After having listened to Theory Of A Deadman’s newest album ‘Dinosaur‘, there’s no question they’ve got some positive things to say and convey.

Theory Of A Deadman new album ‘Dinosaur’ – A Rock Titan Review by Scotty J

Dinosaur – Wasting no time getting to the title track, Theory of a Deadman kicks it into high gear with Dinosaur. Awesome funky groove while maintaining a hard rock vibe. No doubt this was directly influenced by the pandemic.

Medusa (Stone) – The song writing here has this song destined for significant commercial success. It definitely could be on a multitude of soundtracks for both movies and television. Classic relationship anthem.

Sick – What’s a rock song without some ukulele? Sick is not a feeling this album by Theory of a Deadman will make you experience. On the contrary this is another song deserving of much air time, proving these guys are still producing some of their best must to date.

Two of Us (Stuck) – Dave Brenner and yours truly Scotty J had some fun talking about this song. Theory puts their own stamp on this classic. The way they put together this unique rendition far exceeds that of Dr. Evil and Mini-me in Austin Powers.

Ambulance – This may be the heaviest song on Dinosaur. It’s almost reminiscent of old limp bizkit. All around awesome stuff. It could easily be one of just a few singles off this album.

Sideways – In a time when behavioral/mental health is an issue across this country more so now than ever before, this well written song calls for awareness and attention to something that’s been stigmatized to too long. It’s ok to need help when you’re not ok.

Get in Line – I love the message here. I’ve always gone my own way. I’ve never cared much for popular opinion and can sniff out propaganda like a bloodhound. Always think for yourself and be a leader vs someone mindlessly following the herd. Theory has definitely made their presence known as one of the more motivational bands with this incredible record.

Head in the Clouds – This is a song that could easily get stuck in your head and having you singing it all day long. It’s the ultimate feel good tune and extremely catchy. When Theory plays this live, it’s going to be a sing along I have no doubt!

Hearts Too Wild – What’s a rock album without a love song? Theory of a Deadman has definitely covered all the bases with Dinosaur. In baseball terminology it’s known as hitting for the cycle. These guys have accomplished the feat with ease, and I’m sure they didn’t even mean to. They’re just that talented.

Summer Song – Being that we’re only a season away you’d think that’s what the song title meant? Nope. I’ll give you a hint. It evokes the exact opposite emotion of Boston’s Amanda. I’m sure plenty of folks have had relationships that remind them of Summer Song.

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