Theory of a Deadman “Say Nothing” carries strong messages for tumultuous times

Story/Review and Interview by Scotty J

As a world community, we are now facing some of the scariest and uncertain times in history. How much of this is media driven mass hysteria remains to be seen. We don’t have much choice other than deciding for ourselves what to believe from the messages we receive.

Enter Theory of a Deadman or THEORY as they’re now known. Their most recent album, Say Nothing, is packed full of messages that can be applied to everyday life. We’d be all the better for it. It’s almost as if Tyler Connolly foresaw troubling times ahead as he poured his heart and creativity onto paper.

After speaking with THEORY drummer Joey Dandeneau (see interview below), it’s clear this is a band that’s always gone about doing things the right way. They’ve always been conscious of the symbiotic relationship they have with their fans, and they live to enlighten. One of the most refreshing statements Joe had to share was how excited he still gets every time he takes the stage. Let us all hope this Coronavirus pandemic and associated hysteria passes as soon as possible, so that our favorite musicians can hit the stage and get back on the tour trail.

Theory of a Deadman was careful long before Coronavirus

Scotty J’s errant thoughts on “Say Nothing”

“Black Hole in your heart” – It really just made me think of the kind of times we’re in now. What kind of heart do you have?

“History of Violence” – This is emotionally stirring. The video was just more added power to the lyrics. Anyone who’s been in the situation will definitely be shaken as should anyone who hasn’t. Just recently the movie Invisible Man really hit on this.

THEORY – History Of Violence

“Affluenza” – Talk about a song that hits so hard in these uncertain times! People spending money they possibly don’t have on things they don’t need! At the same time money could become very scarce for many!

“Say Nothing” – The title track reveals a strong message about communication. How important is it to share your feelings or is it better to say nothing at all?

“Strangers” – This is an incredibly powerful message that although we’re all neighbors we can act or treat each other like strangers. Again in such tumultuous times when we’re forced to be apart, we must find ways to work together.

“Ted Bundy” – What to expect with a song named for a notorious serial killer? This definitely takes a break from other songs on Say Nothing that share such strong life messages. You’ve got to respect the satiric play on words.

“World Keeps Spinning” – Wow! Mad respect on this song and what a powerful official music video! We’re all dealing with very tumultuous times. But we’re not alone. Sometimes the smallest gesture of letting those close to you know you’re hurting or that you care can go a long way.

THEORY – World Keeps Spinnning

“Quicksand” – Who’s life hasn’t felt like that at one point or another? Sometimes the more you try to fight, the more you tend to sink. We all need that helping hand to bail us out of trouble at times. Surround yourselves with the right people, so maybe you have that one person there to help when you need them.

“White Boy” – I’m not sure how many would agree with this message? I’m all for the hopeful visions conveyed, but I just don’t think many would agree in today’s landscape. That said, it’s certainly something to strive for.

“It’s All Good” – This is only a phrase that comes out of my mouth at least 100 times per day. No matter how bad things get, as long as we’re still breathing it’s all good.

Say Nothing is definitely a lighter album for TOAD fans. But it’s loaded with positivity that can be reflected upon and applied to everyday life. If Theory was going for a piece of work that showcases a much more diverse side of the band, they definitely achieved that and more. I’ll be looking forward to their tour, whenever that may be, with Bush, Breaking Benjamin, and Cory Marks.

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