Jack Hues shows there’s more to him than Wang Chung with “PRIMITIF”

Story by Scotty J

If you’re a child of the 80’s there’s absolutely no chance you’re unfamiliar with Jack Hues. After all, his band WANG CHUNG produced some of the most iconic songs of the era. Decades later, Jack Hues PRIMITIF is his long awaited first solo album. It’s a strong departure from the more pop rock style of music you’re used to. If you’re a fan of more bluesy, jazzy, folksy music, then you are going to love this new music from the mind of Jack Hues.

Some thoughts on Jack Hues’s PRIMITIF

“Look of Love” – This is a classic song with Burt Bacharach and Dusty Springfield. It’s been covered by different artists over the years, one of which was by our friend Carmine Appice while with Vanilla Fudge. Why did Hues decide to cover that song? See the interview featured in this review!

A Long Time

“A Long Time” – Very jazzy and chill. I was left wondering if Jack had ever had his vocals mistaken for Sting? There is an unmistakeable and uncanny resemblance.

“Whitstable Beach” – Is a beautiful arrangement that left me wondering where this was filmed? I’ve always been a big fan of the sound, look, and feel of orchestra halls.

Whitstable Beach

“Cut” – Is an interesting piece just testing out the strings or tuning up the guitar I suppose? I should have asked about this track for sure!

“Winter” – For some reason this really reminded me of Chris Cornell’s “Seasons”. Cool video too. I love Jack’s vocals. This is a song you have to stream or purchase on-line because due to the length there’s no remote shot at radio play.


“Diamond Ring” – I love the folksy sound. It’s like a cross between Sting, Jack Johnson, and David Gray. It’s just more diverse music prowess that I wish Hues shared earlier in his career. But better late than never.

“Spring” – You almost get a kind of outlaw feel at the onset. Jack’s continued theme of the seasons is different. A diverse array of sound toward the the middle is something where you just have to appreciate the mind of the artist.

“Margate Train” – Hues integrates strings into this composition in a beautiful way. At this point he’s truly established himself as a folk singer. A strong departure from anything Wang Chung, but very cool.

“You are the one I love” – A shocking change of pace from the album thus far. There’s a nice accompaniment of background vocals. It’s a funky groove that can be considered nothing other than groovy.

“Astrology” – This is an interesting recording as it definitely sounds more live than studio produced. There’s something very familiar about the dominating keyboard licks.

WANG CHUNG’s Jack Hues joins Scotty J on Rock Titan Live

“Summer” – Does this have anything reminding you of the season? I’m wishing I would have asked about the thought process of this composition. Again it’s one of those things all in the mind of the artist.

“Stand in a place of love” – A strong alternative feel similar to other tracks on the album, but definitely sets itself apart. It’s a reinforcing and cool side of Hues to listen to. There’s something Coldplay like about it.

“An ordinary man” – I dig the bass line. This song, like so many others on the album, really remind me of Sting’s solo work. It makes me think a collaboration between Hues and Sting must happen!

“You will kill the one you love” – Without even hearing the song, I’d have thought it was something my wife would dedicate to me (I’m joking a little). There’s a rockabilly jive to the song I really dig.

“Autumn” – This completes Hues’s coverage of the seasons. Being a hobbyist on guitar I’m a fan of the flange. It’s easy to sound good if you have an ear for music even when you don’t really have skill. The lyrics query “the look of love” which is cool. The album comes full circle.

“Video Games” – Lana Del Rey’s original gets a grungy, gritty makeover. As I said in the interview this would make for an awesome collaboration.

In this time of social distancing and self isolation, Jack Hues’s “PRIMITIF” is music you’ll find soothing to the soul. Hopefully, Jack continues to produce similar work in the years ahead. Everyone please remain healthy, safe, and responsible during this most challenging time.

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