VILLAGERS OF IOANNINA CITY ROCK the Bagpipes on Age of Aquarius

A Review and Interview by Scotty J

Villagers of Ioannina City may not be a band that many in the United States have heard of? But, these Greek rockers definitely deserve your attention. VIC, as they’re also known, released their second album “Age of Aquarius” back in 2019. However, it’s now being re-released via Napalm Records.

Just recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with VIC’s lead singer Alex. After I had butchered the name of the band a couple of times, Alex was gracious in setting me straight. Some of my favorite qualities of musicians are being humble, hungry, and with no particular agenda other than making great music. VIC has a uniquely psychedelic sound. Their incorporation of bagpipes and other less known instruments to Rock and Metal music is something you must hear for yourselves.

As we continue our practice of social distancing during this global pandemic, we must still make every effort to remain connected. Focusing on that which unites us versus what divides us is more important than ever. Music has always had a healing affect. Villagers of Ioannina City have a sound that can absolutely be construed as therapeutic. Hopefully we all have the opportunity to see these guys live soon enough.

Scotty J with Alex of VIC

Scotty J’s errant thoughts on Age of Aquarius by Villagers of Ioannina City

Welcome – Nice opening for VIC’s second album. You’re definitely given the sense something heavy is in store.

Age of Aquarius – Pretty cool tune. Great vocals! Entire composition kinda takes you to an out of body experience.

Villagers of Ioannina City – Age Of Aquarius

Part V – This is a long song that requires no patience to enjoy, provided you’re into this style of music. This Greek brotherhood of musicians continues a great legacy of artistry.

Dance of Night – Introduces a cool integration of various instruments including bagpipes. VIC is also showing a leaning toward longer epic songs exceeding 8 minutes in length. Like Part V you’ll likely never hear it on the radio, but is worth keeping in your own psychedelic playlist.

Arrival – Represents an interesting change of pace with this tune coming in under 2min. There are no vocals, yet the bagpipes provide a voice of their own.

Father Sun – Makes a return to the epic length song and use of the bagpipes. They incorporate this instrument into their metal so well. Alex’s vocals are something special. Hypnotic is a good word for it.


Millennium Blues – For the first time there’s an incorporation of a background chorus. There’s a strong reggae vibe that VIC owns.

Cosmic Soul – At this point there can be no mistake that Age of Aquarius represents an other worldly theme throughout the album. Cosmic Soul continues the songwriting prowess of these guys from Ioannina Greece.

For the Innocent – If there were one song off this album suited for commercial use, this would be it. Coming in right around 5min, it’s much shorter than the majority of songs on the album. You also get the full accompaniment of sounds used by VIC throughout Age of Aquarius.


Sparkle out of Black Hole – You get an ending much as how it started. One of the shortest tracks exhibits an experimentation of sound you’re likely never to have heard before, while being vocal free.

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