Armored Dawn prepares you for the apocalypse with Viking Zombie

Story and Interview by Scotty J

On March 20, 2020 Brazilian Rockers, Armored Dawn, released their newest album Viking Zombie. These guys may hail from Sao Paulo, but they definitely channel the inner viking with what is now their 3rd record. Armored Dawn features vocalist Eduardo Parras, bassist Heros Trench, keyboardist Rafael Agostino, guitarist Timo Kaarkoski, drummer Rodrigo Oliveira and guitarist Tiago de Moura.

During this chaotic Coronavirus pandemic, Rock Titan‘s Scotty J got to catch up with guitarist Timo Kaarkoski. A number of interesting topics get covered including his migration from Finland to Brazil. Timo and the guys are doing their best to pass the time while being productive at the same time. What exactly are they doing? See the interview below! Curious about what to expect with Viking Zombie? Those thoughts are shared here as well.

Armored Dawn interview featuring Timo Kaarkoski LIVE from Brazil

Some errant thoughts on Viking Zombie by Scotty J

Ragnarok – The album kicks off with a track where you would expect to see Viking Zombies. Armored Dawn has a following that is undisputed. A Brazilian based band with a passion for Nordic lore? Gotta love it.

Animal Uncaged – Whatever South American metal scene exists, it’s probably safe to say they’re Armored Dawn fans. It would be interesting to see what kind of crowd they’d draw in the states?

Zombie Viking – I’m still trying to figure out Eduardo’s sound. Have you ever seen someone and have a certain expectation for how they might sound? Then you find yourself completely shocked? That’s definitely the case with Eduardo.

Armored Dawn – Zombie Viking

Fire and Flames – It’s as if Eduardo and the rest of the band tried to channel their inner Rob Zombie.

The Eye Of The Wolves – There’s something about this song that seems different from the rest. I dig the heavy riffs. This is a song I’d like to hear live. There’s just something about the mastering of this one.

Face to Face – Timo could play with anyone. I’m definitely interested in hearing him with some other bands for sure.

Drowning – Who knew Armored Dawn had a softer side? Eduardo sounds completely different on this song. Drowning is an interesting change of sound and mood.

Ragnarok – Armored Dawn

Heads are Rolling – There’s definitely an experimentation of sound going on here. That said, this particular track probably lends itself to being the most commercially viable.

Blood on Blood – There’s an interesting vocal effect produced throughout Viking Zombie. Once again, it’s showcased heavily with Blood on Blood. Timo, Tiago, and Rodrigo tear it up. Those guys make some magic together.

Embrace the Silence – Taking a very surprising turn in terms of sound is “Embrace the Silence”. Eduardo probably sounds better here than anywhere else on the album. His lighter vocals are a strength for sure.

Rain on Fire – With Armored Saint having “Reign of Fire”, I cant help but wonder if this was an intentional play on words? That said I like how Heros and Rafael stand out on this track.

Skydiver Of The Light – As the old cliche saying goes, save the best for last. That’s exactly what Armored Dawn has done with Skydiver of the Light.


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