Blisskrieg are Familiar Faces Releasing Their Debut ‘REMEDY’!

BLISSKRIEG are Familiar Faces Releasing Their Debut ‘REMEDY’!. Remedy is now available on all digital platforms. Stream and download album HERE.

BLISSKRIEG is the culmination of many stars aligning. Each with their own story to tell, Todd Whitener, Donald Carpenter, Matt Taul and Jesse Vest have the musical pedigree of several successful rock bands in their DNA including Tantric, Days of the New, Submersed and Eye Empire. The birth of this musical creation never would have taken place had it not been for the world as we know it being turned upside down in 2020.


Inside Me – Where has Donald Carpenter been? Having been a fan of Eye Empire, it’s awesome to hear him joining Todd Whitener, Jesse Vest, and Matt Taul. This first track definitely gives you the sense these musicians have something special going here.

Blisskrieg – Inside Me

Parasitic – I dig the leading guitar. It’s very reminiscent of that Days of the New sound I loved so much. I don’t know what Carpenter has been up to the last few years, but he’s definitely preserved his vocal chops.

Take it Back – It’s great to hear Jesse and Matt jamming together once again. This track is one I can see being particularly commercially successful. There’s so many ways these lyrics could be applied in today’s climate.

She Cries – I love this! Four tracks in and Blisskrieg is crushing this debut. You get the feeling these guys have been rocking out together for a long time. Ironically 3 of them have, and it shows. Carpenter has one of those voices where he can’t be confused with anyone else.

Destination Unknown – The way Jesse and Matt kick off this track you can already visualize an an aimless wanderer. It also represents the first real sample of backing vocals which fits perfect. There’s a smooth, swanky, R&B rhythm to “destination unknown”, that showcases the varied style you can expect from Blisskrieg. Not a bad track so far on this debut effort.

Blisskrieg Interview with Scotty J

Rise and Fall – It’s sounding like all the guys voices have entered the fray here. It’s appropriate considering the journey every one of these band members have been on musically. I find myself hoping this isn’t a one off project.

New Age – Reiterating my last statement, I really hope Blisskrieg makes more music in the months and years ahead. The way Jesse and Todd combine their skills on the strings is something to behold on this track. This is indeed a NEW AGE for these fine musicians.

Waiting – Being the occasional cynic I can be accurately accused of being, I keep waiting for a track to lose my attention. Well… keep waiting because it won’t happen with this track. See what I did there? The baseline of this song will get the adrenaline flowing.

Wherever you go – You’ve got to enjoy and respect Carpenter’s vocal range. This song is not only reflective of the hope I pray lies ahead for all of the listeners, but to its creators as well. These guys have a synchronicity that is undeniably evident. Blisskrieg is a name that not only fits this band, but a play on words that will be reflected in the reception of their debut album.

Remedy – Finally we get the title track. I find myself wondering how many albums held their title track until the end? One thing is for sure, and that’s Remedy will cure what ails. Don, Jesse, Todd, and Matt have a special chemistry that I think will garner them much positive attention. They definitely deserve extensive airplay. There’s not one dull song on this incredible debut.

Blisskrieg is:

Donald Carpenter – Vocals
Todd Whitener – Guitar
Jesse Vest – Bass
Matt Taul – Drums

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  1. I love the review of this album and the songs! I love this album period! The first Days of the New album and the first two Tantric albums are some of my favorite music. Todd Whitener, Jesse Vest and Matt Taul have had and continue to have awesome chemistry! I’m not familiar enough with Donald Carpenter’s previous work to comment but he is excellent on this! I too hope there is more to come from this band!

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