Zak Stevens NEW BAND Archon Angel takes flight with “Fallen”

Zak Stevens, from Savatage, and Trans Siberian Orchestra has a new project called ARCHON ANGEL. The debut album “Fallen” released February 14 2020. What were Rock Titan’s thoughts about this classic heavy metal effort?

Fallen – Title track comes out announcing this debut with a strong presence. Some powerful lyrics reflecting on trials and tribulations. Aldo Lonobile shows off his guitar prowess.

The Serpent – Epic orchestral metal. This song continues the story of Archon defending people against evil.

Rise – Classic heavy metal guitar supports the vocal magic of Zak Stevens. As indicated in the interview, every song very much supports a larger story. This supernatural tale details Archon and the rise over darkness.

Twilight – Zak continues to prove his voice has aged like a fine wine. Aldo is just so impressive on guitar. It makes one wonder how he’s not more widely known in the metal world.

Faces of Innocence – This song definitely feature more of Stevens range. Just a cool classic metal song one might have thought originated in the 80’s. It would be awesome to see this style and sound adopted by the next generation of musician.

Hit the wall – It’s clear this album hasn’t hit a wall yet. Aldo continues to show just what an awesome guitarist he is, but I really dig the bass in this one. The dude’s got chops.

Who’s in the mirror – Probably one of the longer instrumental intros. The lyrics continue an interesting story of Archon. It makes one wander what a sophomore album would be like from these guys?

Brought to the edge – What would any metal album be without at least 1 ballad? Nicely done here. The acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies are just excellent.

Return of the Storm – By far the longest song on the album at over 7 minutes. But as the song title suggest you get a storm of sound. Some real nice piano work throughout gives a unique conclusion to “fallen”.

This was an interesting debut album with a classic heavy metal sound. I definitely look forward to what a sophomore release would look like. In the mean time “Fallen” gets a solid ???out of 5.

Archon Angel’s “Fallen” is AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

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